Barford and Thomas

Responded really well to coming off the bench tonight. What a confidence builder this had to be. Team overcame much and got contributions from so many. Got to be better on the boards going forward, but I like where this team is right now.

That’s the Barford we need to see. I had a good feeling when he stroked that first three. then he completely took over at the end of the first half. Was a blast to watch.

Yea, I’m glad to see both have a good game. Was really starting to worry about Thomas against good competition, but he showed up tonight. If he can give us 6 points, 7 rebounds every night we’ll be fine.

And Barford played like how we needed him to play. He’s an aggressive player, he’s gotta be aggressive every game like he was tonight.

I agree to a point. Barford was fantastic tonight and got us back in the game. He needs to be aggressive in pushing the ball on the break. However, a couple of his rare misses were ill-advised shots like contested, turnaround jumpers with plenty of time left on the shot clock. Both he and Kingsley get in trouble in the halfcourt when they make up their minds that they are going to shoot. When they create space and take shots in the flow of the halfcourt offense, they are good. Of course, every player is going to have a bad look now and then. Barford’s shot selection overall, like the rest of his game, was quite good tonight.

I believe our first half drought came with Watkins, Barford, and Macon in the backcourt. I hate that combo. That combo has the two guards that have struggled the most to score in the halfcourt and the two guards that have turned it over the most in the halfcourt. When Beard replaced Watkins, we got a lot better with Barford doing the most damage. Our offense just seems to be a lot more stable when Beard is out there, regardless of who we put out there with him.

Our guards in general were outstanding. They all made plays at some point.

Agree with everything. Barford is great when he’s going downhill in transition and it was nice to see him hit a few 3s, but he took some bad shots in the second half. But obviously they don’t come back without him.

And you’re right about that guard pairing. Not a great combination. They went on the 11-0 run when Beard checked in for Macon. I think Beard needs to play more.

Good points. I think you are spot on with the Watkins, Barford, Macon combo. That’s not a very good half court offense.

And I’m with Jimmy, Beard needs more minutes, everything just looks better with him out there. I’m not sure if you start him or not though, because he’s been fantastic in his role off the bench. I still think Barford needs to start, when he gets going and gets his confidence going we are really tough to beat. I would like to see how a Beard, Barford, Macon starting back court looks, but I completely understand CMA not making too many changes, and keeping the starters the same for next game.