Banning of DJ

I believe that CBB or Jeff Long need to make a full explanation on the banning of DJ to BB twitter account. DJ was one of the most beloved razorbacks of all time.

I would tweet him and ask, but… I’ve been banned

A couple of possibilities occur to me:

  1. The blocking was accidental. My thumbs sometimes click things on my phone I didn’t intend, and my hands aren’t nearly as big as BB’s.

  2. DJ may be a former player, but that doesn’t preclude him from being a jerk.

Whatever the reasons, I hope they are cleared up soon. It doesn’t look good.

Lol, yeah, they need to do a primetime PC…

No, that isn’t necessary but a clarification would be nice!

Not really, they can speak to each other if they choose to, it’s not a big deal in the grand scheme of things.

Coach B uses his twitter account for several things but it’s primarily a recruiting tool. I don’t expect criticism is well received on a medium the coach is using to reach out to recruits.

Honestly, he doesn’t owe anyone an explanation. That’s his prerogative on who he bans. Now he truly has players, signees and recruits looking at his page and he wants no nonsense. If DJ was out of line maybe he deserves to be banned. Just because you are a beloved former player doesn’t mean you can do and say what you want.

cBB is feeling the heat and stress

I thought he was branding his whole recruiting image as some kind of tight end whisperer anyways. What does hunter henry and sprinkle think about this? Are they banned too? He really needs to ban drew morgan and who ever AA is best buds with this year too, make sure our offense isn’t so freaking one dimensional.

Watch out now, rbu is quickly becoming qb stats u. Look for more assertive bielema ball this year. Houston Nutt 2.0. More like Houston Nutt ^10 power. Just let me know when he answers for his twitter ish on sports talk with bo thanx

Sure seems to me that way too many people take too much satisfaction in turning every situation into a bigger deal than necessary. I know I am way out of touch, since my position is just short of blind loyalty to whoever is the Coach. Lord knows I have had challenges to this devotion, Nutt was, well Nutt; Petrino was a great offensive mind but a very flawed man and then the clown, Smith. They were my coaches, until they weren’t. Just don’t see that one helps the program that most purport to love to continually be hyper critical.

I agree. Between you and The Notorious Pig I have hope for mankind.

So, in sum - BB shouldn’t have blocked him. And DJ needs to quit taking himself so seriously and lighten up.

It doesn’t mean either one of them are bad guys.

DJ is not perfect simply because he was a really good player for us. BB isn’t perfect simply because he’s our HC.

I cannot comprehend why discussion on this topic should go beyond that.

I plan to find out either before or during the PC

I hope there is video. But honestly he should be forced to answer via twitter.

I agree. It seems silly to me.

Forced, really??? :roll:

I don’t tweet, so therefore I don’t really care who tweets, gets banned or otherwise.

This whole social media world we live in now just amps up the drama IMHO.

I agree since I have no idea what you are talking about. I don’t twitter, and I’m in my mid 30’s.