Banned Phrases at the Masters Question?

Is it true if you shout “Bikini Wax” you will be removed from the Masters grounds FOREVER? Also, “Dilly Dilly”? Is there a sign at the entry listing the “banned phrases” so everyone will know how to not get kicked out?

Another question:

A noticed right behind the rope (very front row) at, I think it was, the 18th green about six green folding chairs that were empty while fans were packed standing behind them and in all of the other chairs. I assumed they were unused reserved seating someone didn’t use and no one else could sit there. Does anyone have any idea what it costs to reserve those seats and not bother using them? Just curious.

There is an unwritten Code at Augusta, that if you put your chair down, that is your spot… and everyone honors the Code! :smiley:

I don’t think a fan (excuse me, a patron) would get banned for yelling bikini wax, but Gary McCord sure did for saying it on TV. He was referring to how fast the greens were, that they were as smooth as if they’d been bikini waxed. He said that in 1994, a few days after Scotty Thurman hit a fairly famous three about 165 miles northeast of Augusta National. He’s still not allowed to come back.

That’s my understanding of the folding chair code – claim that spot and it’s yours.

You may not be banned, but you will be escorted from the property if you are not acting in a respectful or courteous manner. Everyone there is great, but if you try to bring attention to yourself by acting like a fool…they will escort you off the course. I appreciate that. As a golf fan, I am there to soak it all in, but I don’t want some dumbass causing a problem, and neither do the people at the ANGC. As a result of these expectations, it is a wonderful place to watch golf.

Augusta National Club is the last thing that stands between United States and 21st century. :smiley:

They are so slow in joining this century in racial discrimination, gender discrimination and now we hear this. Such a beautiful place but a lot of unpopular old school stuff.

I told my son, I wanted to go to one of these major championships and every time a player not named Tiger started to swing on his drive, yell four, just to irritate them. Wonder how fast they’d get me out of there :smiley:

You would last very long. And BTW, it is FORE! :smiley:

Most of these phrases are Old News. Gary McCord got dismissed for also saying something about “Body Bags” being down the side of one of the closely mowed slopes the same Tournament as the “Bikini Wax” description. It was his general irreverence that got him canned… not just one phrase. I like the guy and his humor, but the Augusta folks have every right to do what they want when it comes to things like that. I don’t think there were any ill effects from losing McCord from the broadcast team. Other areas, they have suffered for their decisions and made changes.

I was watching Sunday with a long time golfing buddy and when Tiger teed off on 18 he said the crowd would storm on the fairway behind him like the crowd did last year when he won in Atlanta and follow him up to the green. I have been to the Masters a couple of times and immediately said no way in hell… the security at the Masters would not let that happen and they didn’t.


Will get you the stinkeye at every mini-golf course around. :slight_smile:

The crowds there now how to act. I’ve only been once and that was Tiger’s last year as an amateur and the marshals never had to hold up signs for the gallery to be quite like other PGA tournaments.

Gary McCord was on double secret probation before he got there in 94. Just him being him was a problem coming in. Most at ANGC thought it was a bad idea for someone to do TV who historically said goofy, insane stuff. CBS knew and still did it and it was over with pretty fast.

Someone shouting “Dilly Dilly” at any event should be handcuffed and led off the property …