Banged up Hogs improve

If there has been any update lately on NT T. Carter, I have missed it. Not a good sign. If he was expected back for say game 3 or 4 I would think the coaches would be updating his progress. I am pleasantly surprised at out interior options which seem much better than I anticipated.

I would be surprised if Carter plays this year. Pittman was asked about him on Saturday and said, “Yeah, that’s going to be a minute.”

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You never see O-linemen do anything without wearing knee braces. They practice with them, play games with them, probably sleep with them on.

Why don’t D-linemen wear them? Many serious knee injuries seem to occur at practice. Why can’t they, at a minimum, practice with them?

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A very good question, but probably some reason we have not considered. Eagerly await that possible reason.

If it was during one of those interviews I always try to watch, I have trouble hearing the questions posed by many of the guys. Not everybody speaks clearly into the mic’s…writing skills don’t seem to translate to speaking skills in some cases :upside_down_face:

Just found this interesting article concerning the use of knee braces for reducing the frequency and severity of injuries in football. Of course, other Orthopedic specialists may disagree with Dr Grier’s conclusions.

You’re never too old to learn something new. I assumed the value of knee braces was well established. Maybe not.

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In my limited HS experience and my brother’s HS and college experience, the braces are really good at limiting the small sprains, twists, hyper-extensions, etc the come from getting caught up in piles, from other guys falling on your legs, or from rolling up on them from behind. Stuff that maybe wouldn’t damage your knees, but would make them stiff and sore, miserable to try to work out on or practice the next day. If I was a college lineman, I wouldn’t play without them.

I have never thought Carter would be back this season. I know, never say never. But I just don’t think it’s likely at all.

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That means a medical redshirt year for Carter. Since the injury must be more severe than we thought here, I sure hope he can make a full recovery, which is probably why such caution & care taken by the staff. Give him the opportunity to make a full come back.

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Coach Pittman is the man! But, I think he mislead us with overly optimistic comments ever since the day of the injury…maybe it was simply wishful thinking on his part.

Don’t fully understand the secrecy on injuries but he has his reasons. I get being that way on game week but in Carter’s situation I don’t.

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Hope for the best, prepare for the worst…

Certainly hope Stromberg’s “hyper extended elbow” does not all into the category of “overly optimistic quick return”. And, I sure thought big back Johnson would be full speed by now based on reports from several weeks ago. I REALLY like our depth better than any other year, but having Stromberg at center is hugely important.

Told he’s good.

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Maybe Sam is restricted by Hippaa rules?

Stromberg practiced yesterday.

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