Ban piped in music

When there were 35k or 40k, maybe even the 52k or so it held when I started, the band could be heard pretty well. Once you get the stadium the size it is now, I can hardly hear the band when they do play. That’s not a knock on the band, just what I perceive as the acoustics with a much larger stadium.

I think he’s still mourning the death of his Queen. Rotten lil snit.

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Any concerns with Arkansas playing an entrance song for the Hogs that refers to witches at black masses?:stuck_out_tongue:


Pav…I’m with you on Louie, Louie. One of the first songs I learned on the guitar. And we made up new lyrics every time. Because no one really knew them… :rofl:


Please don’t change, you silver haired fox.

As a former Razorback Band member (over 60 years ago, though!), this breaks my heart.


I enjoy the game whether there is piped in music or not. I’m 64, my wife is 62 and generally goes to one game a year in Fayetteville. We went to the South Carolina game this year and she said it’s more fun to go now because of the music. My enjoyment is based mostly on us winning. Her enjoyment is also based on us winning because she knows our son and I will be in a much better mood the rest of the day! Haha


I’m one of those that thinks less piped-in music is better, but I know we aren’t going to win that argument.

One of the things that surprised me at the BYU game was that their music continued to play on many (maybe even most) of our offensive snaps once the play clock started and KJ was back for the snap. I’m not honestly sure if we do that too in Fayetteville, but being at the game in Provo, I really noticed it. They would usually cut it right when the ball was snapped or maybe just a second before, but since we often go tempo, it’s hard to know exactly when that will be.

The SEC and maybe NCAA does not allow that. You will notice bands playing drops volume way down when teams are at LOS

I’m not sure why they played, loudly, piped in music the entire red/white game. It was really annoying. I don’t mind it at the football games.

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I agree about the red/ white game. The music was good, but it was annoying. And only one Hog call? The students were definitely missed.

I think it was to mimic an NBA game.

The referee went into the stands to tell the UNLV band to stop playing after the snap the other night.

well, it was unpleasant. Glad they don’t usually do that :slight_smile:

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