Goes on the road and puts on an absolute clinic in closing out an opponent. Great basketball with an elite pg and stifling defense down the stretch. Closed game on a 25-7 run on Florida’s floor.

Take notes Mike.

LOL he ain’t going to take notes are you kidding me! too stuck in the past to do that.

CMA don’t need to take notes! He needs the seniors to play defense and lead. Macon shows up like it is a walk in the park. They don’t deserve to go to the Dance. Win 6 or 7 of the remaining games or NIT.

Who coaches the Razorbacks and is paid millions of dollars a year?

Hey Army hog you constantly blame the players.

Who recruited these players and others over the last 7 years?

Who chooses to use a defensive scheme that our roster and talent can’t support?

We have had the same problem with trapping defenses during his time here. We leave shooters wide open if a team will swing the ball around to find an open guy with us trapping/doubling others. We have bigs on guards via bad switches that teams know they can get if they rotate their offensive players. Who is the person that chooses to use this scheme?

Who is the person that has stubbornly chose the trapping scheme for 7 years but last year finally succumbed to the failure of the scheme and switched to more Zone to save the season?

Who chooses to let the guards dribble around to go 1 on 1 yet still do a bad job of running the offense?

Who has let the SR guards run the offense and barely pass the ball into Gafford to create an inside out game?

I’ll blame the players too. Macon & Barford are great on offense but they refuse to play any kind of defense. All they care about is being ball hogs & putting up their points for the next level. I’d bench both of them! Macon & Barford are selfish. They don’t care about “Team”.

Stop blaming the players. They are being asked to play a scheme that doesn’t fit them. The SAME coach for 7 years with the same performances and failures. The players change but the same coach and failures repeat.

Which notes? Notes from just the ones Bama wins (and they’re trotted out here every time) or also notes on their losses against Minnesota, UGA, OM and Mizzou–teams we beat.

I’m as disgusted as anyone with losing games we could have won but the selectivity, here is funny.

We should not be in this position but the truth of the matter is even after today we will be projected in the field by Lunardi and 5 of our next 6 are at home.

Bama needed a win, today, because they are about to have 3 of the next 5 on the road including road games @Uk and @Au and with one of the home games being Tennessee. Then they host us and Fla and end at TAMU. They’re about to go through the part of their schedule we have already been through.

Bama is good but even with the 2 teams recent differing paths they are a whopping 4 RPI spots ahead of us and our schedule is flipping.

They lost at home to Mizzou this week but I didn’t see any mention of note-taking.

The same Mizzou that held Kentucky to 18 first half points in a win today?

Which home loss was worse, Bama’s to Mizzou or ours to LSU by 20?

Take notes on how to close out a team with defense, you know, the thing we are dead last in the league at.

God, you are a one trick pony…always have been.

Doesn’t take scheme to give effort on defense, I see a lack of effort. Lazy switches and no close outs, mainly.

And you consistently whine like a 12-year old little brat every time we lose. How’s that for the which is better/worse game you like to play when you know someone makes a valid point?

The difference between me and your drivel is that I will actually come on here and admit if I’m wrong or if someone makes a good point.

You mocked me last year about this time when (although I was frustrated with them) I said it was a long season and I thought they would end up having a very solid year. How’d that turn out?

Like I said, before, I’m disgusted with the effort. There’s no excuse for it. If they don’t turn it around, this season will be a major disappointment.

It’s just hilarious that you’re such a breathless fanboy over Bama and you completely ignore that, although trending in different directions currently, they’ve had several face-plants and our seasons have been pretty comparable.

From my view that makes you look like a one-trick pony, yourself–a bunch of sniveling with some wannabe tough guy mixed in. God, you always have been that way.

For that reason, I won’t be reading, responding to or commenting on any more of your posts. It’s like talking to a really thick (in the head) wall.

I’m in the same boat as you, there’s a couple guys I’m starting to ignore as well, you can tell they have been waiting for this moment for us to struggle. I have no interest in entertaining their childish, I told you so egos.

But, to get back to your point about Bama. I agree they have worse losses than us and they are in dire needs of wins, it’s very possible they can lose 4 of their next 5. Their upcoming schedule is brutal. Us on the other hand our next 3 games are against teams on losing streaks and we’re at home for the next 2, so we should be able to string together at least a couple of wins here. I’m really hoping we can win 4 of the next 5.

What’s your thoughts on how we finish? Me personally, I’m still really disappointed in our defensive effort and how we’ve played on the road, I’ve made no secret of that. I think we’ll win all but 1 of our remaining home games, and I’m still holding on to a small amount of hope we can steal 1 more road win.

I respectfully disagree. Our guards were playing with effort early in the season until the guard depth was exposed. Beard, Barford and Macon are playing too much now that CJ isn’t able to play as much as he did in Nov and Dec. Trapping and switching wears you out so you need a deep rotation at guard, and pressing takes fatigue to another level too. Coach is too stubborn to change up his schemes away from total reliance upon the archaic 90’s trapping defense. He stubbornly stays with trapping too long. He proved he could do it last year and NR would switch defenses too. I just want Mike to adapt by mixing up his defenses like last year.

Mercy… :roll:

Blu, I posted an answer to your question on the lounge, while arguing with some of those you and PIG have decided to ignore (AR vs LSU thread). I think we realistically win our next five. Last week when you said our best chance to win a road game was LSU, I disagreed and said Ole Miss. 4 of our next five is at home. With the one road being Ole Piss. Now, the last three, I can’t see us beating Bama @ Bama, refs and Sexton will be too much. Now, AUB at home, they should have clinched the SEC by then, plus it’s SR DAY. I don’t see us losing that game, I think they’ll have a down game and our guys will want a guaranteed lock in the tourney win. AUB is it. I’m also not so sure we won’t win @ Missery. I think 7-1 is very, very realistic.

Also, Mast put out his new Bracketology this morning (it’s posted on the Lounge in the AR vs LSU thread). He has 9 SEC teams in (LSU’s win put them in, he also has AUB as a 1 seed), and three more on the bubble. Plus Bucknell is now in on his. Ole Miss and Minnesota (according to Mast) can no longer make the dance, which means Ole Miss maybe down when we get them.

“Breathless fanboy”

Take notes, Avery. You’ll have plenty of time during the NCAAT.


Thought you were going stop stalking me?

But it’s fine, Bama is crashing and Mike got the ship righted, put my crow in the microwave.

Well played

Coming back and reading these old threads is pure comedy. It’s amazing how some people make the same mistakes game after game and year after year. They never learn their lesson.

And while Biff deservedly needed to be called out for making all these threads about how great Bama is compared to us, at least he came back and ate some crow and admitted he was wrong. I can have respect for that.

This is what I don’t like…

This guy has been talking nonsense the ENTIRE year, coming in every single thread telling us how bad CMA is. He’s claimed CMA system doesn’t work, claimed he’s a failure, says he cant’ make adjustments, and just a whole bunch of other crap that’s not supported by any facts. Even went as far to saying people that were supporting CMA formed a secret message board group trying to run people off the boards that didn’t support him. Now the past couple of games he’s on here acting like he’s been CMA’s biggest supporter the whole time.

Hog Treat, you seriously need to start an apology thread, and apologize to every single member on here you’ve attacked and went on rants accusing them of being out to get you because things weren’t going like you thought. You were wrong about every single thing. Eat the crow and learn from your mistakes.