Bama writer picks our season

8-4. Losing to Bama of course.

Interesting….for sure we have several swing games that could go either way and honestly it is our time for multiple good bounces of the ball to go our way and if so then we could finish 9-3!

I think 7-8 wins is fair. If the DL can get steady pressure on the QB and the D can be better against the rush, I can see a couple more wins. When I say better against the run, I’m talking top five in the SEC.

The only one that I’m thinking “aw no way” is LSU. We ain’t blowing one to the Corndogs at home.

He has us in two toss-ups, losing both (A&M and LSU). Win those, there’s your 10 wins.


He had us repeating 8-4, but it could be looked at as a slight improvement, because of 5-3 in the SEC, vs 4-4 last season. I also believe we beat LSU at home, so 6-2 would look great.

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I think we beat LSU at home, as well.

I’m more concerned about MSU in Starkvegas, after back to back games with A&M and Bama.

Remember they missed 2 or 3 fairly easy field goals in Fayetteville last year. And then we had the play on the last drive where K.J. threw the ball at the feet of Burks on 4th down, wisely knowing it would be a holding call and an automatic first down to keep our go ahead drive going.

I don’t have to do predictions anymore. Glad to leave that to others.

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Just went back to close the link I left open yesterday and noticed that there was a poll at the end of the article. Of those responding, 61% thought we would win 9 or more games, and 26% thought we would win 10 games or more. Only 9% thought we would win fewer than 8 games, which leaves 28% who expect 8-4 (due to rounding it doesn’t add up to exactly 100%).

Of course, no way to know how many people taking part in the poll were Hog fans, but I thought that was interesting to find on a Bama site. There were 745 total votes.

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I think we will more than likely lose at Miss. st than LSU at Home bc they have an elite QB.

i voted 8…but liked the fact that he did have the 2 tossups…would love to see him eat some bbq crow if "the streak"isnt continued…

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