Bama vs SC

Who do we want to win? And wth… 16 points in the first half. This is why the sec has a garbage reputation. How can frank’s team stay ranked playing like this? Personally I hope they do stay ranked tho, I don’t think bama is rising to quality win status for our resume this year. Although if bama beats sc and Kentucky back to back that’s another story… would it be just as bad for the sec getting more than three at large bids though?

It’s a complete fallacy that the committee goes in and says “the SEC deserves X number of bids, no more”. They look at each team individually, and not against other SEC teams, but against every team that is being considered for at-large spots, whether that be Big East, Big 12, Pac 12 or any other league. It is possible, but unlikely, that it could get down to two SEC teams on the knife’s edge, one gets in, one won’t. But more likely, an SEC team on the edge (like us) would be compared to a Michigan or Syracuse or Wake Forest, not a Tennessee or Alabama.

And this is a smple answer if it is important we get that sec 4 seed. I have mixed feelings about that too though… first of all we need to win. Secondly we need the sec to be at least a four bid league in the tourney committees mind. Last week there were many paths for us to get there. Now it seems we need things outside our control to break right too.

Swine I agree that is not their first thought, but if the top three in our league start to dive in the rankings that hurts everyone’s rpi in the sec, and it would hurt our resume. The only big win on our resume is the one we haven’t got yet. We don’t need those opportunities to disappear before we play them.

Bama went cold at the wrong time

Much better game than ours. Two teams showed up, at least after the half. Maybe there will be two teams in BWA after the half. The hole dug could be too big though even if they decide to play.

With a little luck the Gametiders will play three more OT’s and I will miss our game completely.

Bama wins!!!