Bama vs Florida SEC tourney

Bottom 11
Bama 6
Florida 3
Runner on 1st and 2nd no outs.
I hope Bama wins and I really hate it I hate both of them but I’d like to see our hogs get the 2 seed in the big dance.

Florida got a single and a 3-run jack and won 7-6.

I suspect the seeding cake is already largely baked. Especially since we both won today.


If this week truly makes ANY difference in our seed, the system is fatally flawed.
My thoughts…this week don’t matter.
Just don’t get anybody hurt!


That was a heck of a game… I’m just glad we don’t have that late game like we’ve had before in the past… be 1:00 in the morning for that game is over with.

The late game stinks.

Or a great 11th inning. That UF batting order is a killer.


The old fast ball left the yard. Uncle Charlie by itself isn’t effective. Florida ambushed that young lefty’s fastball in a hurry.

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