Bama vs Arkansas and Bourbon With Balls

Well it’s Bama week and it’s looking really tough

Vegas says Bama by 31 plus

But I’m thinking Coach Sam don’t give a damn and his Hogs will be ready to punch the elephant in the mouth

The game always is a pounding and “leaves a Mark” on everyone involved

So I recommend Markers Mark Bourbon complete with Razorback Red wax top!

The game is another early affair so not into sipping so early

I highly recommend Marks Mark Bourbon Balls

As a pregame taste

It’s a Christmas bowl game tradition and appropriate for a game this late

Here is a Makers Mark approved recipe for your pre noon tailgate

Main Ingredients

1 to 2 cups good bourbon whisky (recommend maker’s mark)

(Note if you want it really good take the ground /chopped Pecans and soak a day before making the recipe)

1 cup chopped pecans

1/2 to 1 cup whole pecan halves (optional)

1 two-pound bag of powdered sugar

1 stick butter, softened

2 bars ghirardelli semisweet baking chocolate

Recipe Steps

  1. Place 1/2 to 1 cup of chopped pecans in shallow bowl. Pour Maker’s Mark over nuts, immersing completely. Cover and let soak 12 hours to overnight.
  2. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Place pecan halves in shallow pan and toast lightly for about ten minutes.
  3. Cream butter in stand mixer fitted with paddle attachment. Combine bourbon-pecan mixture with just enough powdered sugar to form a stiff ball. Refrigerate to let stiffen slightly.
  4. Roll dough into small balls.
  5. In double-boiler (or a sauce pan placed over a cooker full of boiling water), add about 1/3 bar of baking chocolate at a time. Heat until just smooth. Dip dough balls into the chocolate mixture. The key is to coat them quickly and make small, frequent batches of melted chocolate.
  6. Place bourbon balls on wax paper to cool. Top each with a toasted pecan half, if desired. Results are better if you leave them to cool at room temperature rather than in the refrigerator.

Go Hogs beat Bama

If the game is a celebration later - Markers Mark is good - mixed or neat

Go Hogs Go

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Yikes. The pecans soaked in good bourbon. Might have to try just that.

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Well - Its one of my favorites - Not a big drinker but I do enjoy a shot to celebrate special events - but Bourbon balls at Christmas - or derby - Now they are special

That sounds incredibly good. I’ll be at the Bama game and the basketball game later, but may need to save the recipe for Christmas with the family. WPS!!!

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Oh they are soooo good - Hope you try it - they are good

I am a Maker’s Mark Ambassador. It is easy to become one and I suggest that every does it. Just go to and sign up for free. You will get some emails from them(not many), a Christmas gift every year (deck of cards this year), and your name goes on a brass plate with 11 other people on a barrel. When the barrel is aged to specifications the individuals on that barrel have a period of time (about six months I think) to go to Loretto, KY and purchase two bottles of single barrel Marker’s Mark from your personal barrel. Mine was ready the winter of 2014. Just in time for my wife and I, her brother and his wife to head to Lexington to see the Hogs beat KY in overtime 71-67. You receive a free tour of the distillery as well. We flew into Louisville and drove to Frankfort and toured the Buffalo Trace distillery. That is when I discovered Eagle Rare…YUM. We went to the game that night and then spent the next three days doing the Bourbon Trail. Nearly every distillery had a version of Bourbon Balls. We had one at every stop and when we got home I ordered two boxes. I was surprised at how stout they were when they arrived. Cocktails throughout the day during the tour, tastings, and Bourbon Balls had masked level of alcohol in them. Delicious.

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TYSM fir this post excellent

The Bourbon Trail is a lot of fun and the World Bourbon Capital in Bardstown Kentucky is a sweet place to visit - also known as America’s prettiest small town - you would think you stepped into a Norman Rockwell painting

TYSM for your post

You’re way ahead of me I’m a Hobbiest not an expert but I like it

Well Bluegrass, all I can say is you picked my all time favorite. Just straight up!


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So glad you like it

Markers Mark is a Bourbon that everyone seems to like

Never tried the single barrel - but I think I will

Is there flour missing from the recipe to make dough?

You heavily chop the pecans or “grind” them - soak in bourbon add the butter and it creates a flour like consistency before you dip them in chocolate

There may be a recipe with flour

Google bourbon ball recipe’s and you will find a number of them

This recipe I took directly from the Markers Mark site

But like moms Apple pie there are variations and they are all delicious

Maker’s is my “Table Bourbon” all round great bourbon for mixing and with just an ice cube or two. I used to stop drinking bourbon during the summer because it was just too “Hot”, but now a good ginger ale and a twist of lemon and I am good to go! I recently just found on the shelf in our local Central Market here in Austin, “Ale-8-One”…pronounce “A Late One”. A Kentucky ginger ale that is great. I bought my first one out of a vending machine after the Hogs beat Kentucky on our trip. We were headed back to the hotel and fell in love with it. Been hoping to come across someplace that stocked it ever since!

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Ale 8 and Ski areregional favorites in Ky

Ale 8 is addicting -

It’s made in Winchester Ky n/w of Lexington

I suspect you can find it in Lexington with few problems

Ski is originally made in Greensburg in south central Ky

Ski is a richer version of mellow yellow and much older

That whiskey looks tasty! You’ve gotta think that between our fight and Bama’s desire to rest players, it might be closer than that.

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Lord let it be so and Ark steal a win

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I think someone made me a Squire at Jack Daniels distillery. Do I own a 1-inch plot? That is not as good as your name on a barrel?


I’ll join you. Goose Island Bourbon stout


The Bourbon County is good in beer batter. I mostly use a Pecan Porter when I make it for frying shrimp but I have used Bourbon County a couple of times for change up.

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You guys have me ready to start celebrating at 6:53 in the am!

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I’ve got an almost identical recipe I try from time to time. The only difference between mine & yours is that I substitute all those other ingredients with ice cubes in a glass & I pour the Makers Mark into the glass over the ice cubes. Sometimes add a splash of water. Don’t have to put it in the oven or anything. It’s really good. :laughing:

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