Bama sweeps Auburn

Won the third game tonight in 15 innings/6+ hours at Auburn, 11-9. Aubie falls behind us in the West standings, which means they are now tied for fourth. Moo U is 16-8, LSU is 15-9, we’re 14-9, AU and A&M are 14-10.
LSU finishes with Auburn and MSU so there’s still plenty of room for movement in the standings.

Looks other teams are having late season troubles.

One thing I tend to overlook when we lose a baseball game is that other teams are losing, too. They’re playing each other. Since they’re a series instead of a single game, both teams can suffer at least a partial setback. I would not have ever thought Bama would sweep AU at AU. So now we’re a 1/2 game ahead of AU. They play LSU next weekend. I’m not sure who to pull for in that series. I’d like to pass LSU in the standings, so I suppose I’d like a 2-1 AU win. Of course, we still need to win at least 2 from Vandy or it won’t matter. And still need to follow up with a series win at A&M. Neither are going to be easy, but if we do that, we’re still in a pretty good position to host a regional.

UK & Fla look like locks to host, but UGA took 2 of 3 from UK. That ought to help our RPI a bit. I’d think MSU is almost a lock to host, but their RPI is only 16 (ours is 18) per Warren Nolan. OM & AU are both in the 30’s. A&M is 32. Vandy is 27. We need to win both those series.

That was a heck of a game to watch - enjoyed it about as much as any game I’ve watched recently that didn’t directly involve the Hogs.

Auburn scored in the bottom of the 9th for force extra innings.

Bama scores a run in the top of the 10th . . . and so does Auburn.

Bama scores a run in the top of the 11th . . . and so does Auburn.

Neither team scores in the 12th . . . though both threaten to.

Bama puts up 2 runs in the 13th . . . but then, so does Auburn!

Both teams are all over the bases in the 14th, but fail to score.

And then, Bama scores twice in the 15th, and it holds up.

And even that description falls way short of the drama that continuously unfolded throughout the late/extra innings of the game. There were base-running mistakes, controversial calls on plays at virtually every base, position players coming into the game to pitch, and more. I had planned to watch a movie after the game finished, but those plans were scrapped because this game took over 6 hours to complete.

One of the few times I was pulling - hard - for Alabama. I thought several times my temporary “fandom” might have doomed them, but they pulled it out in the end.

Bottom line, for us, is that we’re still in the thick of the hosting conversation; the SEC title too, though that’s become more of a long-shot with Florida joining MSU at 16-8. Things would have to fall perfectly for us.

But the main thing is, we just need to win games/series. I think if we win 4 of the next 6 games, we host. Might even get there with 3.

Game three by the first base ump

Tigers scored when ump ruled SC first baseman came off the bag on out three

Replay showed his foot clearly stayed on the bag.

That allowed the game to go extras and LSU won in ten

Just really gripes me that they will most likely finish ahead of us AND host

They’ve been gifted a lot this season. They are the UNC basketball of baseball.

I watched that game, too. It was obviously the wrong call & was the difference in the game

Auburn was the victim of a bad call, too. The umps called a ground ball that on replay was shown to be a fly. But there were several bad calls in that game that probably balanced out