Bama sweep?

What are our chances of sweeping Bama this week? Tough to do on road I know.

I think it might be difficult because it’s a road series and Alabama’s back is against the wall, potentially out of the SEC Tournament with a bad weekend.

But I think Arkansas is the better team.

Bama is a dangerous team despite their record they’re good enough to have swept Ole Miss, took the series from Texas A&M, beat Tennessee, they are very capable of beating us if we don’t play our best. We know we have to win this series if we’re going to win the West so I know we’re going to come ready to play,hopefully we will play well and win the series…I don’t expect to sweep, but we are very capable of it.

A sweep guarantees us a piece of the west championship. It would probably mean winning the west outright since I don’t think A&M will sweep OM. However, right now I’d take a 2-1 split & be happy. We’d lose the tie breaker to A&M if they beat OM at least twice, but I’m not sure it’d matter much if we were seeded a spot lower in Hoover. If we win 19 games in the SECW, we’re still going to host a regional & likely get a national seed, especially if OM wins 2 over A&M. 20 wins guarantees us a national seed, but I don’t expect us to sweep Bama.

Fred and Jan will be there. Will we be the only Hog fans there?

I read an article last night that said AM already had a first round bye locked up as well a #6 seed in the tournament. Am I missing something?

Uh, those two things don’t match. To clinch a first round bye you have to be top 4.

Let’s see. A&M (and us) are 17-10. Auburn is 15-11 thanks to a rainout. But if A&M loses twice to OM and Auburn sweeps UK, Auburn finishes ahead of A&M. Then in the East, Vandy and Georgia are 14-13, and A&M won their series with both VU and UG and would have the tiebreak even if VU and UGa both sweep this weekend.

In that scenario, let’s say we win two at Bama and A&M gets swept. We’d win the West at 19-11. Auburn would be 18-11. A&M would be 17-13 and they would be the 4 seed because they have the tiebreakers over VU and UGa. Of course, if we finish tied with A&M (or Vandy) they have the tiebreak over us; we didn’t play Georgia.

Auburn could still win the West, by the way, with a sweep if A&M and us both lose our series.

I don’t know how AM can have anything locked up except a bid to the NCAA. I’d say they’re a lock for that. Likely a lock to host. Beyond that, I’d say they are still a game or two away.

I never can remember the format for Hoover. It’s possible the 1-4 seeds get at least one bye in that tournament. A&M has 4th locked up, but it needs to win at least one to lock up 3rd unless we lose, too. If we both lose the same number of games, they have 1st in the west locked up. If they (or we) get swept this weekend, Auburn can pass both of us if it wins 2.

Vanderbilt & UGA can still get to 17 wins, but they have to sweep to do it.

I thought the article was wrong. The writer was pro AM as he didn’t mention being tied with Arkansas.

I think the only team that has locked up a first-round bye is Tennessee.

There are a lot of tiebreaker scenarios that are still out there.

From the scenario I listed above, I think they have clinched the bye due to the tiebreakers with us, VU and UG. A&M can’t finish worse than 17-13 and VU and UG can’t finish better than 17-13.

Fred, we’re with you and Jan in spirit.

VU is down 9 runs late and UGA lost tonight, so A& M and we have locked up byes. Neither of us can finish worse than 3rd.

Texas A&M and Arkansas could still finish third and fourth, respectively. That would only occur if they both lose their final two games, and Auburn sweeps Kentucky.

Ok. Thanks for the correction

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