Bama. Sexton.

Well Bama has had Sexton cleared to play after he sit for a 1 game suspension for a minor NCAA violation. What a joke. An assistant coach is out on $100,000 bond and the kid involved only had a minor violation of NCAA rules. I hope Bama has to vacate every win they have with the kid on the floor when the case is over in court.

Louisville at least did not allow their pay to play on thier team.

Well said Army Hog. It’s an absolute embarrassment. Coach Anderson has given players longer suspensions for missing class.

It’s the new targeting penalty.

Somewhere, Sunday Adebayo sits in bewilderment.

I don’t believe the NCAA infraction for which Sexton is sitting has anything to do with the FBI investigation. I read that the NCAA has said that they can’t do an investigation until the FBI completes theirs. Bama, I guess, is risking future sanctions by playing him if part of the FBI investigation is Sexton taking payouts.

Then why did Louisville not allow thier pay to play freshmen to stay on their team?

I don’t know. I guess Louisville is getting ahead of the curve. I don’t believe they were forced by the NCAA to suspend anybody. All I’m saying is that the one-game suspension is not the NCAA’s final judgment concerning whatever the shenanigans the FBI investigation is about. It’s not a case of suspending him for one game for receiving payments. If Bama’s involvement in the FBI investigation is the assistant taking bribes to steer players to certain shoe companies, as opposed to paying players, the player shouldn’t be punished. Perhaps Bama has come to that conclusion. If they are wrong, it will bite them.

Okay. I stand corrected on this. Bama did hold him out because of links to the FBI probe. I guess they are claiming that there is no known evidence that his family received any payments. So, he’s in the clear for now.