Bama Sat. Morning?

This is going to be a very difficult game. Auburn was ripe to go down Tuesday. Now The Hogs are ripe. If they should somehow win this game, I will start to believe they can do anything.

That leads to the question. Should The Hogs not prevail Sat., how much of the bloom will be off the rose? I don’t think it will be too much if they then right the ship on out. I have often said that each win makes the next game that much bigger. It is again true Saturday.

Just play well and let the chips fall where they may, we haven’t proved we can win every game but we have proved we can play with anyone. No one is looking forward to playing the Hogs at this time especially if it’s in the Palace! WPS

Not in the Palace.

The hogs have made the trip to Bama and returned to the hill after a wood shed thrashing and they’ve made the trip and dished out a thrashing on Bama
This Bama team lack discipline just like Auburn. Auburn may be the most athletic between the 2 teams but they can be beat. Make ‘em work for their shots and keep them out of transition that’s the first task at hand. I’m still hoping the hogs win and I improve their rating.
This game is important because it would even up our Q-1 record for the season and improve the seeding for the dance.
Our hogs are fighters don’t doubt them!

No way Bama can have another blistering night from the floor again. 63% from 3 and 60% from the floor. If we don’t come out flat and / or have Aub hangover which I worry about.

It will be a tough game if Bama shoots 35-40% from 3 & 40-45% from the floor. Because they like to jack it up.

But this AR team has that don’t quit mentality and dang good coach.

That’s what the shooting range was for them against the Zags and Baylor.

The 64% was just one of those nights, glad it wasn’t us

Me too! As long as Bama’s shooting percentages are in the 30’s the hogs should be able to win. The free throw line will be huge in this game. I also believe the hogs need to make 8 to 10 3’s.

D them up, draw fouls, make the FTs and a few treys to boot. Kinda like we did Tuesday night.

My biggest fear is J-Will staying out of foul trouble because the home cooking will be a three burner heat wave. If he stays on the floor, we win.

Bigger game is Mizzou. If we win that next week, coupled with the Auburn win, a loss to Bama won’t hurt at all.

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Sounds like Conan.

That’s really the ticket to beating Bama.
Missouri took it too Bama at the free throw line.

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