Bama Receivers

Can run right past other teams besides AR and the qb knows what to do with it when they do. I thought that might happen if they could protect the qb and they did.

They didn’t have Williams against Auburn (targeting on punt coverage) and didn’t have Metchie in the second half tonight. Didn’t matter.

I knew coming in to today that Bama would likely have to beat Georgia twice to win the Natty. I didn’t think at the time that was possible. Now, there has to be some doubt that has crept in for GA, especially when you look at the difference in QB play and the overnight improvement of the Bama OL

The biggest gap between the two is at QB, and it is a chasm.

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I predict JT Daniels comes back for the playoff. (big leap I know)

Georgia caught most of the good teams when they were beat up somewhat. When the Dogs defense couldn’t get off the field possession after possession fatigue started to set in and we know “ Fatigue makes cowards of us all”. They were in uncharted waters so to speak as they were not accustomed to being pushed the length of the field and their secondary got exposed. Several teams in the Sec west played Bama tougher than Georgia did today in my opinion. WPS

I agree. I think Ga made a big mistake playing into Bama’s strength yesterday by letting Young dictate the flow of game. I thought given the running game issues, that GA would have used the Arkansas \Ole Miss Model and played 8 deep for pass coverage and force Bama to run the ball. Bama would have struggled to get a big enough lead to put Ga away without turnover or special teams play. Bama tempo wore out the big guy on the Ga defensive line and he did not play as much as anticipated.

Next game , Ga will need to open up the passing game and use the freshman tight end and Pickens more than they did yesterday.

Georgia fans ready to burn down Atlanta… Bama had a great chance because they have a NFL QB and Georgia has a good walk-on.

Alabama had the absolute perfect game plan for Georgia. They ran a lot of quick hitting routes that made Georgia defense run to cover them, they killed them with
the slant and had a lot of hitch routes that gained yards, both of which kept Georgia from sacking them…Then in the second half when the pass rush had all but dissipated because they were tired, they bombed them deep, threw in a few runs to keep them honest and totally had their way with Georgia… they made Georgia adjust to them. Ga really had no idea what was coming so they were always having to react rather than attack… Kudos to their OC, Great Game plan, very well executed.


Well stated and insightful, sure appreciate all the value you add to this board.

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I thought I saw Williams run a deep slant with great protection to start the game. Young waited as he outran corner and safety and hit him. That play alone told me Georgia could not get to him.

This was about great O-line play. No one in Tuscaloosa knows where that O-line has been all year.

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Yes Clay the TD was a high low route and he ran the high part of that and the defender jumped on the low route which left him by his self… great route design and execution

Not about the Alabama receivers. That freshman TE for Georgia may have been the best receiver on the field.

Phenomenal game by that freshman TE, 1st team All-American level. He was close to an equalizer against the two great WR’s from Bama. I hate to see Metchie will miss their final four this year. Insane how good and dangerous those two speedsters were for Bama. You can’t help but marvel how efficient and powerful their offense is. This looks like both games are going to be fun-SEC fun.

I had a bad experience with drunk Georgia fans during the Ark - Ga beatdown in the SEC Championship game. I think 95% were dawg fans. My son hates them with a passion after that.

Except the freshman tight end did not hold the TD catch that could have made a big difference. He is a stud. He also stopped on a route that led to an INT. Freshmen are not going to be perfect.

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Yep. So true. Scary part is knowing he will get even better.

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