Bama over Gonzaga

Bama looks great

Great first half for sure… get 10 3’s . Up by 16 51-35… we’ll see if they can keep it up for the whole game

Just gotta say, I hate Seth Greenberg! Went through the whole half talking about Tenn, Auburn, KY, and even Ole Miss, and didn’t mention us at all. Nor, did he credit us as one of the best teams in the conference. Really pisses me off!


Wish we could schedule non-conference games like this.

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Zags making a push

Bama plays Houston and Memphis next 2 games. Tough schedule

Zags struggling with Bama quickness

Gonzaga not a particularly quick team, especially when Holgremn is in there

Bama has turned this into a track meet…Zags struggling to keep up

Bama fans got it real good right now. SEC champ in football, probable top 10 team in hoops


Shackleford is a beast…
He is killing them… has 26 with 11 minutes left…10/12 from the floor… 6 3’s 7 rebounds.

Bama is unbelievably quick baseline to baseline

Gonzaga can’t keep up

Yep and very long and lean. But they will live and die by that three-point shot. They have been hitting them tonight but still got 10 minutes to go

Gonzaga within 6 they’re starting to get into a groove… 4 Alabama players with 4 fouls.8 min left

Zags making careless passes…very uncharacteristic of them… haven’t looked the same since the loss to Duke

I think they are like us they got a lot of new pieces of the puzzle to put into place

Yeah, that’s basically every team in the country right now…trying to fit all the pieces together

The team manager for Bama has 4 fouls just like all of Bama’s starters!

3s aren’t falling for bama like in 1st half

zags really pushing them now…we’ll see how mentally tough bama is down the stretch here

Yep Bama will live and die by those 3’s. Those two guards quinterly and shackleford are really really good

Gonzaga and bad passes…Few is fit to be tied over on the sideline lol