Bama on the hook for

… all of former coach’s salary, even though he has a new job. Check out these tweets from Kendall Rogers:

Whether or not they pay it, who knows? The old coach might have to sue to get his money. That’s the way it often works. If Alabama can show that he broke rules, they won’t pay. Just because he’s telling Kendall he’s owed it doesn’t mean he’s going to get it.

Interesting. You would think that a law suit would eat into that salary pretty quickly.

And it does sound like Goff is trying to stick it to Bama.

It may be that Alabama is still paying his monthly salary. If that’s the case, maybe Alabama knew that was what they were going to do all along. Alabama can afford it. I doubt they have to lay off any football consultants because of this deal and that’s the only thing that matters in Tuscaloosa anyway.

It depends. If Goff sued Bama and prevailed, the judgement might well include having Alabama pick up his legal expenses.

Whatever is going on, it is interesting.

I’ve often wondered about this type of thing. You usually hear that a school has to pay a coach when fired, and anything he earns after finding a job elsewhere offsets it. If that’s the case, why wouldn’t someone like Helfrich from Oregon that got canned last year go to a school and say “you don’t have to pay me anything to be your coach”?