Bama officially fires Avery Johnson

We’ve known it was coming. Be interesting to see how much money they throw around to get a replacement. One of the players on the team that beat them in the NIT said they could tell in pregame warmups that the Tide players were not locked in, which sometimes happens when your NCAA bubble pops.

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Funny how often Gruden’s name came up in College football searches. Now Pitino’s name is popping up everywhere. Bama fans think they’re getting him. I guess someone will take a chance on him but at what cost? I like him personally and think he kind of got a raw deal.

He’s a helluva coach.

On Hookergate, if he didn’t know what was going on he should have. As for the Adidas deal, Coach 2 was clearly right in the middle of the Brian Bowen mess, and it appears Coach 2 was RP. But he hasn’t been named by the NCAA – yet. I would think a show-cause for Pitino is quite possible when they get through with UL.