Bama offers Walker White

Hinted awhile back about Bama.

Man, I sure hate to see an in-state guy leave and go to higher rated programs. Sounds like he has crossed us off the list and seems to be extremely talented. Darn.

Where are you getting that? They just got done watching him play.

Just seems like we aren’t in his top teams. I hope I am wrong!

With Sam and his crew I find myself being optimistic until they go elsewhere. It is a refreshing feeling.

What a bizarre recruitment.

Razor rag, what do you mean by “Bizarre?”

Bizarre might be a little strong, but I think it’s been interesting to see

  • the evaluations on White, which include really close looks from our staff at our camps, as well as his games
  • the fact that we’ve clearly had other prospects in front of him at times and how that has seemingly translated to Ole Miss being a front runner
  • the rumors of him being higher on our board than some thought
  • the first hand accounts of fans watching him this year and not being impressed
  • then, this Bama offer, which I’m highly surprised about

It’s been interesting to say the least.

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I would guess it’s not a currently committable offer, but I have no inside info to support that. We may find out soon? It seems Walker has a near prototype NFL QB body and arm. Perhaps Bama wants to get in early and watch to see if his skills continue to develop over the next 1.5 years.

I also think it’s possible that his brother’s, (John David White) experience at the U of A may be a negative for Walker?

I’ve never heard JD’s time at Arkansas being an issue.

I certainly haven’t heard or read anything about that being a problem. I was just going by his transfer to UCA. I remember reading, on another Razorback site, an article a year or so ago that it was expected that JD would get a scholarship offer from the U of A. I figured his transfer might be because he wasn’t offered the scholarship?

I’m sure, since you haven’t heard anything about it that I’m wrong.

I’m sure there were hopes of a scholarship but playing time had to be an issue too. He just wasn’t getting snaps.

If it’s even mentioned that an instate recruit could possibly go out of state, ridiculous comments and reasons pop up. The kids still a sophomore in HS for mercy sakes. Very entertaining though. :sunglasses:

He is a junior

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