Bama nearly lost a game off its football schedule

California has put in a ban on all state-funded travel to states which have passed what Cali views as discriminatory laws related to sexual orientation or gender preference (such as the North Carolina bathroom bill). Arkansas isn’t on this list of eight states (yet*), but Alabama is. And Fresno State is playing at Tuscaloosa September 9. However, because Fresno signed the contract with Bama before January 1, the new policy does not apply and the Bulldogs can travel to T-town.
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  • “Yet” is in reference to attempts that have already been made in our legislature to pass something similar to the NC bathroom bill. I’m sure they will try again.

I hate it when politics and sports mix. It’s going to happen. You can like/hate the laws; just never think entertainment should ever mix with political issues. Personal opinion.

I saw this on Finebaum the other day but didn’t pay attention to what it was about.

All I have to say is… Dear God.

I’m not going to go any further, I know how sensitive Cali folks can be, don’t want to offend anyone. (Obvious example, this ban)

It only mixes because Fresno State is a state supported school with a football team. If a Fresno professor were going to guest lecture at Bama and Bama wasn’t going to spring for the travel costs, it would apply just as much to her.

Remember, too, that the site of our NCAA tournament games last March was moved because the NCAA responded to the bathroom bill by yanking all NCAA events out of North Carolina. So instead of playing Seton Hall and UNC in Greensboro, NC, we played them in South Carolina instead.

My point exactly.