Bama loss means nothing

It’s next week … Auburn beats UGA then it’s over

Would have to wait on Norville till Saturday anyway…

Oh it means something. No way Malzahn leaves after that and with what he has coming back. No way.

Yeah, he ain’t coming here after that.

You guys talk to him already! You must be best buds!

its certainly a different looking scenario

they looked SO good tonite

i believe the UGA game will be a tough game . much tougher than couple weeks ago

he loses that … if he really wants to come maybe he still will

i have no idea if he really wants that or not

i am convinced he would be the best coach we have had in long long time

SO impressed with the entire auburn team tonite

If the Arkansas job is his dream job, make him say “No”. This is his last chance and it needs to be quick.

The Gus Sniffers are concerned. Very concerned.

I have no insider info but he just beat Bama, that gets him another year. He will beat GA next week, that gets him another year. That ship has sailed. Next!

He does lose his entire OLine and will lose a player or 2 on D early to the NFL

I would think if Gus wanted out last week he still wants out when the season ends whenever that may be. He wasn’t leaving because of the team he was leaving because at Auburn it’s strictly what have you done for me lately! WPS

Agree 100%

If he really wants to “come home” he has his chance. IMO he never was coming here. That said, i’d welcome him if he brought his defense & O line with him

He knows he is another two early-season losses away from being back on the hot seat and a four-loss season away from being fired if he stays at Auburn.

The dangerous thing about going after Gus is that, now they have whooped Bama…Auburn won’t be losing again until the playoffs. (The health of their TB/RB notwithstanding).

That means, if we want Gus…REALLY want Gus…we may have to wait awhile. Meanwhile, what feels like everyone else and their dog are going after the same pool of candidates.

I have talked myself into being fine with Gus, even though I never have especially liked him. Clay’s post about him being a good guy according to people Cay trusts helped me with that.

But if we want Norvell, we might need to move on to make him the top choice and offer him NOW. Otherwise…he probably won’t be there to offer.

I have said before I don’t understand why Charlie Strong isn’t being considered. He checks all the boxes many have articulated. Except he is a defensive guy. But…folks…our problems HAVE BEEN on defense. Bielema had been a defensive guy too. But Bret was never considered the defensive guru Strong is reputed to be.

Strong has never shown any real interest in any of our jobs. HDN tried to hire him eons ago. That seeming lack of interest is probably one of the reasons his name isn’t mentioned much

Auburn loses to Georgia next week and Gus is back on the hot seat and headed to Fayetteville, if Aubie wins they’re in the four team playoff, then Gus ain’t coming because we can’t wait on him.

Judging from press and fans down here Gus won’t be back on the hot seat this year. 10 wins is still 10 wins even at Auburn. Especially when two of them are Bama and Georgia. If he comes here it will be because he really wants to.

The Gus bus has moved on.

He’s not coming home now. His team looked too good against Bama. He’s loved in Auburn now.

We need to lock up our 2nd or 3rd choice quickly or we will be left out in the cold looking for an up and comer.