Bama loses a 4-star QB recruit

To Princeton???

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Ain’t that something.

I agree with the kid. Princeton will give him opportunities football at Alabama wont. He wont win a championship, but he will have a step up in life.

Smart kid

Smart decision…especially since it’s Alabama and not us! lol Then he would be a …well, at least a jerk.

With the two QB’s in line that Bama has for the next two/three years that seems like a prudent decision by the young man… but being Bama I’m sure a Five Star QB will say yes to their invitation and enter the NC game in the second half of his freshman year and win another ring for Saban.

I would argue that being a QB at Alabama will give him opportunities that Princeton won’t. I am not just talking football, I am talking business as well. Not to take anything away from Princeton, but the value of being a QB on a major college program on your resume is even more rare than getting a degree from an Ivy League school. In the business world, we know there is a network that covets college heroes.

I think this is a value that many of the people, arguing that colleges need to pay players, forget. The monetary value of playing college athletics at a high level along with a degree can be very rewarding for the rest of one’s life.

Well…there is a better chance of him being a Princeton grad than a super hero QB at Bama.

I get your point though. Very specific. Overall, I think the education is worth more. Regardless though, he has it made better than me.