Bama looks like the rest of the SEC

when they play them, whooped, whipped and stunned. Good, I know alot on here root SEC everything I can’t do that, dislike them way to much to root for them. Loving this :smiley:

Myself, sacha…

I’m with you, I’m a Razorback fan and real sick of Alabama running roughshod over most teams.
It’s about time the know the feeling of being overmatched for a change.
I hope they don’t score another point tonight!

Go Hogs!

I’m an Arkansas fan. I see no benefit to Alabama continuing to dominate. I am over rooting for the SEC. Go Hogs!

Yep, they look just like every other Sec team other than they were in the NC hunt again. WPS

Not making any excuses for Bama but Clemson has had the same DC for a lot of years. Dam good one at that. Bama changes m out every 2-3 years due to promotions to HC at other Power 5 programs.

All SEC teams are the enemy…

Seeing Bama get beat down, pushed around and on the last drive of the game Clemson made them lay down. I’m an old SWC guy & loved every minute of it, only one SEC team I want to see win.