Bama is on fire

Up 23 at the half on LSU. The last couple of weeks, they are playing like the 3rd best team in the country.

It’s sad that I thought this is what we might look like this year. Bama basically runs the same stuff we do, but they’ve got men to our boys.

They look like one of Nolan’s teams. Long and disruptive on defense and playing with reckless abandon on offense. No fear!

And they still have four minutes to goin the first half and Bama has 50 points.

Up 40. Made 20 of 30 3 pointers so far.

I made a post early in the season about Oats underwhelming me…that aged well.

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105 - 75 And the game was at LSU!

They made LSU look like a bottom dweller! Let’s face it. They could win it all ! They are the most dangerous team in the country right now.

Me thinks that strange things are going to happen in the final six weeks of the SEC season. The Tide looks unbeatable, but you know, when those threes stop dropping, it will be a different game no matter who they are playing.

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You seen Gonzaga play?

23 made 3’s, in a game. We need goals for our team to shoot for. I think we should try to
break that record most every night.

There are some really good teams out there, but 23 made 3’s on the road will get you in most conversations.

Our school record is 21 threes, against Troy in 1996 (Pat Bradley made 8 of those). The NCAA Division I record is 28 treys, actually by Troy. Grinnell in Division III made 40 something once, but their offense was (and still is) literally cross halfcourt and jack up a three. They averaged more than 50 attempted treys per game last season and averaged 101 points.

I’m not sure I’m ready to live in a world where Aladadgumbama is National Champion in football and basketball in the same year.

One thing the Alabama beat down of LSU shouts that Alabama is playing the best basketball in the SEC. If they can continue to make three’s, they look like a Final Four team. This should help the the Hogs confidence when they see the total dominance of Alabama over LSU. If they can play well and beat Auburn, they have a decent chance to have a good year and play in the NCAA tournament.

See Gonzaga

Razorblack, please notice that I only said that they were playing the best in the SEC. The Zags look awesome and they will likely be the overall #1 seed. However, if Bama played and shot like they did against a good LSU team, they will be hard to beat.

Last night’s game reminded me of the 1993-4 Razorbacks Bud Walton arena grand opening game against a very good Missouri team. That night, the Hogs played a near perfect game and might have played as well as any college team ever.

There is more to a Alabama than making threes. That was the highlight last night, but their dribble drive penetration is their other strength. They create shots at the rim or wide open threes with that. If you stop their threes, they will be making layups.

Oats is using the same system he used coaching high school and Buffalo and it is working well.

I wasn’t replying to you…sorry

Gonzaga is the best team in college basketball. Bama is good, but they wouldn’t stay within 20 pts of the Zags.

I agree that Gonzaga is extremely good, but that Alabama can’t stay within 20 pts. is underrating Alabama. Alabama is very athletic and can shoot the ball. They also play swarming defense and IMHO they would make it a very competitive game.