Bama Headed for Monster Class......Best Ever? … -126116082

I still say there should be a way to have a ceiling on a school’s star accumulation, to help even out the field.

You reasonably say–can’t do that for multiple reasons.

And we all just keep getting run over by the 18 National Championship teams, known as SabaNation.

Gotta be a way for parity in recruiting. Need to put our thinking caps on.

That is a damned shame

Beat the Tide on the field that’s the only way! Of course you also have to overcome the choke hold allowed by the refs by the Tide Oline and the pass interference that is called in their favor.

That is a sobering website. 3 of top 4 recruiting classes are SEC West. 8 of top 20 facilities are SEC … and we are not in that group.

We are the big-boy football arena. We have no room for mistakes in recruiting or coaching if we want to be competitive. We will never be able to recruit as many 5 star kids as Bama, LSU, A&M, Auburn, or Georgia. Our mission has to be to have mistake-free, creative coaches every game while recruiting and coaching up kids with great character who have a burning desire to be Razorbacks. That’s pretty sobering.

And Bama will have some 5* & high 4* players on the sidelines not even sniffing the playing field yet.

Money talks and BS walks. So true. The same cast of characters always have the best talent. Amazing that Georgia and A & M are both at thw top with Bama. Saban’s assistants know how the game is played.

It’s really not all that bad for up and comers, which we hope to be. Bama will rule things for a few more years. Might as well park a lot of 4 and 5 star guys on their bench, rather than going to Auburn and other places. This may actually help us. Bama is going to beat nearly everybody, so load up all those players we are not going to get anyway on their bench.

Loading up best players was a key motive of Bear Bryant–He would sign players just so he did not have to play against them (105 scholarships helped). The other side of the coin is best want to play against the best. Bama still has walks on and this year there are three defensive starters who are walk ons—you have to develop them after you sign them, esp. with their yearly draft losses. The Wash. State QB --Mr. Stash was going to Bama as third string QB before Leach talked him into playing for WS. The Stash was doing it so he would become a grad assistant after the season. Success attracts the best talent and Saban told Mal Moore who hired him from the Dolphins , “No you did not hire the best coach but you did hire the best recruiter”. Saban got that understanding after leaving Michigan State and seeing what it took to win in SEC and to understand that there was nearby talent to do it (Louisanna at the time). Now he recruits nationally and with coaching changes every year, it is clear you had better recruit if you want to stay on that staff. Interesting to see who Dan Enos has pulled in for their class this year.

Coach Morris is recruiting 24\7 but this SEC WEST is NFL Lite . Not everyone welcomes the change to play this schedule or compete every day for recruits . Not for meek or mild. Bama will greatly miss Saban when he leaves and the rest will be happy.