Bama getting hammered

I used to root for other SEC teams but I kind of got over that!!


Me too. I was glad to see Kentucky get beat yesterday and the Tide today they just can’t make a layup. They don’t play defense and are just getting their bit kicked. Down 8 they threw a cross court pass for a dunk to ND! They fail to value the ball.

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Bama going down.

Such an odd year for Bama. Peak Bama was very good (beating the Zags in Seattle), but at times they were really bad. So much reliance on 3’s introduces a lot of variability in the results.

They aren’t a good team right now.

Bama’s firing away at 3s while shooting the same percentage on 3s as the Hogs. Bama shot 280 more 3s than the Hogs for the season.

A team that’s ranked 94th in defensive efficiency, needs to be much better offensively if they expect to win consistently. A better coach would have tweaked his offensive system and line-up 15 games ago.

A 13 loss Bama was probably the first #6 seed since they drew a play-in 11 seed. Way over ranked for this Tournament.


Makes me feel better about our odds against Gonzaga potentially

I think the hogs can beat the Zags! They are over rated!


I just hope we get the opportunity to beat the Zags at this point. WPS

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The hogs will! New Mexico State shouldn’t beat our hogs.

No one really giving Memphis much of a chance against Gonzaga, huh?

If they could put 2 halves together like their 1st half yesterday, they’ll give the Zags all they want. As much as I despise Memphis, I’d love to see an upset. I’m sure not counting on it though.

I’m not seeing it either, but crazier things have happened. Timme and Holgrem might be too much for the Tigers to handle.

SEC goes 3-3 in the first round. LSU loses to Iowa State by five.

For folks that complain about how SEC only gets 5 or 6 teams in when compared to Big 10 or Big 12, this is why. Not a stellar start for SEC in the tournament, so far. LSU and Bama were both seeded too high.

The best 3 teams in the SEC are still alive, even though one of them smells really bad. I’ll let you guess which one.

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