Bama game

Was there about 4 rows behind Ark bench around the 50…Hated the game but it was a fun atmosphere.

For all the ones who have complained in the past about PSA’s and commercials on the pig screen and “introductions” on the field…I now get it.

Can only remember 1 “commercial” and only 1 on-field deal and that was connected to homecoming and was John Parker Wilson former QB.

For the most part, there were no interruptions and the band/music, especially the music, kept the crowd engaged and stirred up all night.

We are way, way, way behind the curve in atmosphere IMO.

Loved the atmosphere. My favorite part was when they started playing Mr. Brightside. Whipped the whole crowd into a frenzy.

Agreed on the constant music. Good choices and kept the fans engaged. Heck, the Alabama players were even dancing around on the field and the sideline.

Arkansas has a long way to go to improve its gameday presentation. All the on-field presentations and commercials just kill the crowds.

Just curious, why do you think it is this way? Do you think we are so close on revenues we have to maximize everything? Alabama has 100K in the stands.

What kind of revenue do you think our game day experience generates?

They parade so many servicemen onto the field every game, that I expect to see a recruiting booth in the end zone.

So does Jeff Long not understand this?

I let him know during the game that I hope he was paying attention to the gameday atmosphere at BAMA (I was there also).

Their choice of music and playing it at every down time really kept everyone in the game. I did not like however, how they played the music all the way up until our QB was getting ready to get the ball. I thought that was unnecessary.

And to pick on a few issues (since we can’t pick on their coach or their team), their video boards are not impressive. Yes, there are 4 but they are too small and they only show replays of themselves and when they want to. Their score board is a ribbon and very HARD to figure out what you are looking at. You spend several minutes to find the score and forget finding any other info that you might want to see. And their "Ala’ “Bama” chant is stupid!

Okay…now I feel a little bit better!

I wasn’t at this game but I have been there before.

Overall, I think JL has done a good job. As far as game day experience (football, basketball too), I think he gets a D grade. It’s not rocket science. If you want more fans to come to the game, you have to give them an experience different than at home. At home, I get a bunch of commercials and during all of them I get up and go do other things (beer, bathroom, cook, whatever). The game day experience is the field, the in person, the cheerleaders, the band. Let them do what they do and get the heck out of the way. Stop with all of the commercials. Sell them at a premium during pre-game activities. Lower supply - higher demand. Simple math.

I can’t disagree with any of the complaints anyone has made about game day atmosphere, but to play devil’s advocate here, I have to point out just how much more money Bama brings in than we do. It’s not just 100k v. 72k (when we’re full), but I’d bet their average ticket price is much higher. I can’t hazard a guess at how much per game that translates to, but I’d bet it’s more than $2M. Plus, they don’t have an annual game at WMS. (I’m not trying to rekindle the GSD here, just pointing out the money issue.) 7 home games with maybe a $16M revenue difference–well, they can afford fewer commercials.

Being number one in the nation doesn’t hurt the game day experience either.

I second this question

Note that we netted almost exactly the same amount (a little over $19M) as Alabama did in 2016.

Just presented for general information.

While I agree the atmosphere was good, they have a real issue with the acoustics or speaker placements or something. Was in the Arkansas section in the corner and I couldn’t understand a single thing over the PA the whole game. Also agree they should be made to turn the music off sooner when the opposing team has the ball. Still had it playing while we were breaking the huddle and trying to communicate.

Crowd was there tailgating four hours before kickoff. It’s a good atmosphere all around the stadium.

When you have been No. 1 for so long, though, it’s hard not to get good atmosphere. Very easy to be an Alabama fan, especially right now.

I can remember seeing long faces there during the DuBose time.

I didn’t look closely, but I don’t see where you got that figure, Wiz. Bama’s total revenues were a lot higher than ours. I see that their ticket sales revenue was only about $3M higher than ours. That surprised me, although there might be some accounting differences there. (Donations, etc might be treated differently, etc.) I’m not an accountant so I don’t know if that’s true or what the differences might be.

Regardless, my larger point, which unfortunately got too specific with ticket sales, is that Alabama has much higher revenues. They can likely afford to pass on stadium ads easier than we can.

Okay. I just went back. I see that you simply subtracted expenses from revenue to get the $19M. Bama has a lot more of both. I don’t know if the revenues are directly due to their bowl success because I have no idea how those funds are distributed. I’m curious where they spend money we don’t spend–other than paying Saban a gazillion dollars.

I do not know the answer to that, but I don’t think eliminating a few on-field recognitions is going to break the bank.

At most stadiums I go to, I see either all or the majority of the on-field recognitions done before the game. Believe it or not, Arkansas has gotten better, but still has a ways to go.