Bama Football recruiting weekend

Saban being Saban.

Yeah it makes me sick… recruiting is not that hard for them, they know they’re going to get all 4,5* they want.

I’m telling ya, there needs to be a ceiling on how many stars you can get. BTW, can Tuscalooser afford the NIL these guys will command?

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The wall behind them says it all. That’s impressive.

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Fred they evidently can. I’m sure they have no problem sitting them up with good deals

News flash for Jimbo—- GOAT isn’t going anywhere

That’s some ugly pajamas they are wearing

Our day is coming. Love what CSP is building. We may not be ready yet, but I can almost guarantee they won’t run us off our own field this year. This team will make them earn it. No putting in the scout team this year.

They have averaged six Five Star players over the last five years… crazy recruiting.

That is why there are so many jerseys on the wall. Five stars are rare players.

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