Bama d backs like extra linebackers with speed

Great talent, strength and physicality.

Hopefully we can develop d backs like that.

Like a broken record. GOT TO HAVE SPEED!!! Sure would like to see us put more into recruiting some instead of slow, slow and slower.

What is Brooks Ellis 40 time.?
He did play with heart but it was a challenge for him the lack of speed! I agree we need speed and size

Agree on Brooks. Great guy and great Hog. Certainly got everything there was out of his ability, but does not have the speed to be an effective LB in the SEC. I noticed time again he just could not quite get there on sweeps etc. Got to have more speed, especially in the back end of our defense. Of course, it has to be with the correct coaching and football IQ. I remember one of Lou’s quotes about some player having speed. He said something like it’s good unless it helps you get to the wrong place quicker. Brooks normally was trying to get to the right place.

seems we need more speed and size but no one ever mentions there quickness or there lateral movement and watching alalabama n defense they seem to tackle the runner or receiver from the waist down

According to his HS Hudl profile his 40 was 4.56 (he was listed at 6’2 215). NFL Draft projections have his 40 fastest at 4.75 slowest at 4.89 (he is listed at 6’2 240)

I read an article or a post on here from the insiders that said Coach B understands he is lacking speed and placed a premium on it with last years class and classes moving forward. If he has done that, we should see some speedy red shirts playing next year.