Bama could be without 3 starters

Bama beat Kentucky handily tonight in Lexington, but they could be without 3 starters when Hogs take them on. Big man Bruner and defensive whiz Herb Jones left the game with injuries and McAA PG Jahvon Quinnerly did not play.

For me, the Bruner situation was kind of hard to watch, especially once the game was stopped for him. I believe he told his teammates, “I can’t walk.”

That was tough to watch, but Bama is legit, regardless. I just hope we can beat LSU tomorrow night, because the game between us and Bama looks like a barn burner. They play almost identical to how we play. They may have injuries, but so do we.

I didn’t see it. Like something broken can walk, or paralyzed can’t walk?

edit: I found this. Appears to be knee injury for him and wrist injury for the other.

Well I hate to see anyone hurt, hopefully they will be back soon.


Good. Gladly take any advantage over the Crimson Tide.

Jones is the one I

I’ve watched Alabama play on TV 4-5 times. I’m more impressed every time I see that team. They have older players and are well coached. They are gifted at guard as far as ability to both dribble drive and to shoot the three. They shoot layups or threes. And, they can get to the foul line.

Kentucky appeared incapable of playing team defense. It is the least effective on that end of the floor that I’ve seen a Calipari team. They generally can guard you. They had no way to slow down Alabama last night. There are other issues with this Kentucky team, but that is the most glaring weakness.

Spot on observation Clay.

[quote=“pjhawg, post:10, topic:38790”]
Spot on observation Clay.
[/quote]Bama is very good. As Clay noted, they are mature and look mature. That’s Gonzaga-ish. I wish our Hogs were there, by they aren’t. No experienced big for the Hogs. Our best shooter is a frosh. Our strongest rebounder doesn’t play.

I hope they can return next Monday but not before.

Not sure what UK you are watching

UK is currently 25th in AdjD on KenPom
2020: 52

It’s their offense that is killing them. 80th per KenPom. Last year they were 24th.

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I watched Alabama dribble through them and score at will. Not talking about any other game. Just that one.

I am afraid Alabama is going to do that against us. All they need to do is copy the LSU game plan.

And clone Watford and Days…who have both been giving us matchup issue for two seasons now.

They don’t have that without Jones and Bruner.

yea and we are 39th, but last night we looked 390th

Bruner had knee meniscus injury and already has had surgery at Andrews clinic in Bham, not going to be on board for us.

I Kept hearing Muss talk about being concerned with our lateral quickness and I really didn’t know what to think of that.I thought we had a team full of great athletes,that is not the case at all,we have several players with very average athletic ability and it really shows out when you’re facing a team that does have great athletic ability.Alabama has incredible athletes and it could get ugly unless we are having one of those days where everything we shoot goes in

Who recruited these players? What’s the point of having players like Tate waste a scholarship for the year they have to sit out if they still aren’t capable of contributing at an sec level? I thought we had a top ten recruiting class this year?

Seems like every excuse that’s been tossed out for our underperforming team this year is a bunch of garbage. We had the players to win before they started getting blasted in sec play, now the excuse is we just don’t have the talent this year.