Bama at Auburn

Auburn routed Bama tonight. Scored 100 on ‘em.
How will Coach Muss scheme against Auburn??
I don’t know how you stop them.

I honestly don’t know. I’m sure Muss will figure something out. Auburn’s athleticism is off the charts good. Bama has some great athletes, and they couldn’t keep up.

It’s going to take us playing our best game. We will have to get in transition off of our defense and shoot the three really really well. They are so good on defense because of their athleticism and Kessler makes it almost impossible to score around the goal. They have had games where they appeared to be beatable.
Mississippi State took them into overtime, Missouri almost beat them. They only beat Ole Miss by 9. We can win it but our defense is going have to be absolutely off the charts to do it. This may be the game that shows how valuable big athletic guys are, something we will have to add to our team eventually.


Auburn is good. Really good. But not even close to unbeatable. (Yes, UConn would agree).

There are plenty of teams in NCAA mens basketball history that are way better than this Auburn team: 1991 UNLV, 1985 Georgetown, 1983 Houston, 1992 Duke, 2012 Kentucky, 1994 Arkansas, 1982 North Carolina, even 2021 Baylor. Just to name a few. Yet, each of those teams had certain weakness that were exploited by at least one opponent.

Auburn is vulnerable on the road. Mizzou could have beaten them. Remaining road games for Auburn include UGA, Hogs, Florida, Tennessee, and Mississippi State. Wouldn’t surprise me for them to lose 2 of those.


We just need to beat GA 1st. That won’t be a give me game down there. Then worry about Auburn.

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100% agree. Best thing we got is having them at our place. Next best thing, we have a real coach who knows how to develop a defensive plan.

Auburn does look very talented, but Alabama decided not to play defense last night. They were awful. When your offense can’t be what it was last year, you better play some defense. They just reach a lot. They don’t move their feet well or didn’t last night.

I don’t think the players aren’t worried about Auburn …that’s 3 games from now… just typical message board chatter…

Gotta start with slowing down point guard penetration. Auburn has two of them who drive it hard. That is where it all has to start.

Hopefully Muss will get the team focused on Ga. and then Miss. St. first.

Absolutely! We can’t overlook anything ahead of us.
The Hogs need to stay focused on beating Ga tonight. Then the next game.
You can’t take ANY team for granted in this league. You lose focus and intensity, you can get beat.

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Auburn is undisciplined at times on offense. I think Arkansas’s D can force them into bad shots. Can we handle their athleticism and length up front? That’s the big question mark, to me anyway.

They make it very tough on your half court offense because they’re going to gamble for the steal knowing that they got the 7’1 rim protector back there as well as a 6’10 kid.

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Yeah because when they penetrate they often lob it up to Kessler for the slam

I wonder if Muss would consider playing both Williams and Vanover at the same time to counter Smith and Kessler? Assuming that Connor is over his illness, of course.

I thought about CV playing against Kessler but I just don’t know if he’s good enough athlete to stop Kessler… Kessler appears to be more athletic based on what I’ve seen. But there’s no doubt that he could block or alter some of those pick and roll dunks if he could get back in time… hopefully CV is well by then and we will see what Muss comes up with cuz it is a big part of their offense

I don’t think that CV is on the same level as those two, but maybe his height and presence can at least be a factor.

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Yeah I totally agree if he’s healthy he might could at least alter some shots because he is tall enough to but they are so good at the pick and roll Kessler’s at The rim before you can know it, I have no idea how we’re going to stop that

Pretty sure the Connor ship has sailed. No way he helps us against Auburn. Auburn is way too athletic. I love the kid, but he probably needs to transfer to UALR or UCA if he wants to play. He is just not an SEC big. I get why Muss rolled the dice on him, but it just hasn’t panned out.

Spot minutes for Connor! It appears he lacks the foot speed to react and handle
A skilled big man on defense.
Now that the Georgia game has been put in the win column our hogs need to focus on Miss St! Once that one is over worry about Auburn. If the hogs shoot the ball like they did tonight they can beat anybody. Defense will have to be solid and avoid foul trouble with the starters.

Yes. Let’s get by MooU first.

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