Bama and Hawgs start 2023 Spring Practice in similar place

Both are replacing their offensive and defensive coordinators.

Edit , I should have added Auburn and MSU to that list.

And that’s where any comparison ends!

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So true…so true

What ever happened to “hope springs eternal”? Sometimes reality ain’t what it’s cracked up to be!

I just finished reading couple Xmas gift books on Saban and Bama football. I thought of Saban having to reload players and coaches so it got my attention how many times as this is first time for SP.

Saban will be 72 in Oct. He has coached 16 seasons in Bama with only two years in which he lost 3 games ( First and third season with one loss in bowl). He has lost two games in a season 5 times including playoffs–never has he lost back to back games)

He has had 5 defensive coordinators (Smart 8 years and Golding 4years are most tenured) and 8 offensive coordinators (McElwain 4 years and Kiffin 3 years are most tenured).

He has replaced both coordinators in same year five times during 16 season stretch, including this year. He has often struggled part of the next year until everything meshes which his record shows happens in nearly all cases, but often it is later in year, He has won a national champion ship once every three years and he is due in 2023 to keep string alive.

I think that he is THE GOAT. Unfortunately we happen to be on his schedule every year ,but you have the best shot when he is working to rebuilt things which matches with our rebuilding as well.

Fun fact about Bama. Texas has all time record of 7-1-1 against Tide, Give Saban some time and he will balance that Texas record in favor of Tide.

There are five coaches still coaching who have beat him: Kirby, Jimbo, Brian Kelly, Gus, and Freeze. Saban split games with Urban Meyer at Florida/ Ohio State (2-2) and once to Kevin Sumlin (Manzel).

Quite the record and at 71, I would not bet against him, but I would factor on a reversion to the mean with the competition growing and having to replace key staff at this stage in his career\life.

I will also have healthy respect for where Arkansas will find itself and just enjoy the effort to win and be competitive. I will still fuss when we lose games we should not, after all I am a fan.

Interesting facts. Most likely better for our program if the GOAT would retire, he may if he wins championship this next time; however, I think the game of college football takes a turn for the worse when he leaves the sidelines. Like having a Picasso around, bad for the competition but good for the Art world.

I am with you on that. I love excellence in whatever because it is rare and many times frowned upon but facts are what they are and only a game, but it is impressive never the less and if you beat him than you have truly earned it and have a right to walk proud. But you will have to earn it.