BAMA after another in state recruit

Alabama shouldn’t be the first offer an in state recruit. We should always be the first offer to an instate stud.

Arkansas never offers an instate kid before they are ready to take his commitment. Alabama offers 200 or 300 kids every year and only takes commitments from the ones they really want. You can bet if he tried to commit to bama now they would not take it.

This is true…

This happened last year with the Byers kid from Fayetteville.

People lost their mind over it.

Others explained that Bama offers the Top 2-300 nationally every year and could not care less about pulling offers, late.

It was explained that Arkansas is in a different position and can’t offer an Arkansas kid it thinks has little chance to qualify and then pull the offer when they don’t make the grades (bc of blowback).

Bama, on the other hand, can do whatever it wants, with impunity.

I think it’s worth noting that the Byers kid from Fayetteville appears ticketed for JUCO.

I haven’t seen the people who were up in arms about the non-offer acknowledge that.

But, if you strip all that away, as a practical matter, what difference does it make?

An Arkansas kid’s decision between Arkansas and Bama is never going to hinge on who offers first.

If he likes Arkansas and wants to come here, he’s going to come here whether we offer in January or June.

If he wants to go to the flavor of the decade, he’s going to go whether Bama is the first to offer or offers at 4 PM on signing day.

It makes for a good griping point, though.

This Bama crap has driven me nuts for the last 5 years. The Byers kid upsets me because people freak out without looking at the other offers. What other offers does the kid have? The Norwood kid in FS is an issue because he has multiple offers. Byers is not even close. Playa will have to find something else to complain about.

He would be starting for us. Saw him in NC game. He doesn’t look like any of our defensive linemen. The kids a beast. Alabama obviously has certain size and speed criteria that they recruit to. That’s why every year they just reload and look like previous year. We r a long way off from that. Seems like we take what we can get and hope to develop.