Bama/A&M - I think the SEC officials

make it up as they go. Especially on "judgement’ calls against Bama

#30 for Bama, on a kickoff, hit Speedy Noil going full tilt, with the crown of his helmet to Noil’s face mask with no call from the officials.

Explanation: judgement call by the officials. Even the review official agreed with the no call.

Results looks like a concussion for Noil, but still no call for helmet to helmet against Bama

Agreed. It looked like targeting to me.

Targeting all the way.

not defenseless. No targeting without being defenseless.

That’s bull crap. If any offensive player could avoid a helmet to helmet hit, don’t you and the SEC officials think they would do it. If that’s not defenseless please explain just what defenseless is.

On another note, if that had been our Cooley, the SEC refs may have suspended him for the balance of this season.