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I have noticed that from time to time we get into a habit of having one dribbling 4 watching.Go back and look at the very first play of the game for us when J Smith had and one opportunity,what an absolutely beautiful play, my question is why do we not move like that like all the time, is it because you just can’t possibly be in that kind of shape? I was just curious because if we move the ball like that we would have all kind of open shots

There are times when the ball movement is really crisp and impressive and other times when we seem to over dribble, not sure some of that is not personnel driven. With no intent to dog anyone, but JD seems to be prone to having the ball in his hands a bit more than one might prefer with a patterned offense. He is very skilled, but sometimes one’s strength can also be their weakness. Against Tech, his contribution to the offense was not his best, but it did seem like he was fully tuned in on defense, so there is more than one way to help the team win.

I think we are all out of our depths here. We are speculating. We are not basketball coaches. One reason someone like Smith might have the ball on one side of the court is that Muss has called an isolation play. He sees a mismatch. Or the players see one and clear out. But again I’m speculating.


Yup. Muss finds mismatches and exploits them. Maybe there’s someone JD can take off the dribble, or Justin can beat. May not be esthetically pleasing, but he’s here to win, not to get style points. And our ball movement to beat a zone can be a thing of beauty too.

Guess I’m just Thinking about the old theory that it’s hard to hit a moving Target seems like it would be very hard to ever cover someone who’s always moving,but our offense does create points that all
that matters

When Jaylin makes himself available at the high post, it improves our passing. He has become an excellent passer with terrific vision.

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The opposite end of the spectrum of ball movement is LSU. Their offense is almost exclusively one-on-one, take your guy off the dribble, and drive to the basket. Most of the time, the ballhandler drives all the way to the goal. Occasionally there is a drive and kick out, and occasionally a pull-up jumper…… but very little movement of the ball otherwise. Imagine the complaints about ball movement if we were all LSU fans (actually, that’s a terrible thing to imagine).

I wonder of Wade recruits to that style of play or if he implements it because he has superior athletes? Either way, I’m just glad that bunch is back home.

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Fast, crisp passing around the perimeter has / is always been the key to most any basketball offense. Keep it moving and eventually catch a defender out of position or slow to get there. (Especially against zones). Against man defense it is about creating the mismatch. Off the dribble or screens.

The Jaylin at the high post is very effective, I’m sure ORU and anyone else will plan against that. If their plan works I’m also sure Muss has a counter for it.
Now JD does at times seem to to dribble the ball till it’s flat. Old habit from early in season or by design now I don’t know.

There are times when we need more ball movement, agree. But the opponent, time of game, and score have a lot to do with execution. I don’t like anything about TT (media/coach darlings) but their defense was everything billed and more. It’s not easy swinging the ball around the court against them (we found that out early and often) and that changes a game plan. Muss has a total buy-in from the team, they try their best to do as told but TT did dictate ball movement or lack there of, in many sets. Against ORU, I believe you will see more ball movement and we won’t be holding on for dear life at the end of the game.

He paid top dollar for that type of player.

Sometimes we overthink things.

There are things they do better - no doubt about that.

But they have been very successful since that one horrible week in Jan.

I wouldn’t change to much.

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Isolation plays are a product of the short NBA shot clock. Of course, the college shot clock is almost as short, which makes CEM’s tactics even more effective. Gone are the five-passes-before-you-shoot offenses, much like the four corners.

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