Baker Mayfield put on a clinic of how to attack a defense

He came in tonight and immediately started dissecting that defense with quick pinpoint passes that’s what we are going to have to do IMO…quick passes in and out and then up.

Great, and The Razorbacks now have a QB like Baker? Get your point for sure, but we have no QB and slow WRs. Oh yes, an almost nonexistant Oline. Makes for tough play calling.

That is like somebody posted a few yrs. ago that we should be running the same offense as the Broncos with Peyton. Great, if we had Peyton.

We got bad QBs, Youda. And bad receivers. And bad linemen. They don’t see it and/or can’t execute it without doing boneheaded, ineffective things. Even my beloved JSJ threw a bad pick 6 last weekend (but he did have a nice run called back by a holding penalty). Baker is awesome. He sees it all and is the most important thing: accurate as hell. One of the best ever in college and he’s going to be a great NFL QB.

We gotta wait for a bunch of new guys. Simple as that.

But I’m not giving up on JSJ. He’s the only one up there with a spark IMO. Get him ready to play, Coach…

No we don’t have QB like Mayfield and yes are lacking wrs but what i saw him do last night was reading defenses and knowing what to do Pre snap only one throw was more than 20 yds and most of his throws were out of his hands quicky and the routes were all routes our guys can run,slants square outs,routes that don’t require a lot of speed,all about timing and that has to be coached…
Kelly and Noland have the arms to make the throws he was making and Woods and Jones Pettway can all run those routes and with our OL the way it is,this is what we need to do,this offense can look much better than it has.

That was a fun to watch. Browns vs. Jets isn’t usually a match up that catches my eye, but I watched every second of that game.
Its hard to believe that if Baker was ready and played this well in week 3, that he wasn’t the best option in weeks 1 or 2.

Told some Browns fans on Facebook that the Jets needed a couple of Fayetteville cops on defense.