Bakedhog, JacksonReid, we need an update

So you guys seem to have the best insider scoop outside of Clay and the gang. So where are we and who are the likely top 3 candidates that want to come here?

Can’t give an update at this time. I can say that Wally’s list of “no’s” is incorrect.

By the way, I don’t necessarily mean they didn’t say no, I mean they may not have been on HY’s list.

I don’t think it will be Norvell, Kiffin, or Leach.

I feel more confident in saying who it won’t be than will be at this point.

I think the true candidates are proven program builders - guys with a work ethic and demonstrated level of perseverance needed to build tough, competitive, sound football programs that you’d be proud to support.

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I will agree with you on your assessment. RD just confirmed part of what I heard during the Miss St game about $$$$

That is all the fanbase should hope for at this time. The basketball program provides hope for the football outlook.

why are they out? any idea?