How did he miss that lay-up? Great kid, always smiling, always plays hard - but that is kind of a typical Bailey play (although overall he played well today).

Should have used the glass instead of finesse, he isn’t the only one that is shy of the backboard for some reason.
Layup %’s go up when the backboard is used. That’s taught at a very young age.

Can’t blame him for the loss though. Some questionable calls, missed FT’s and wide open 3’s at critical times.

That was one very loud arena they played in today.

looked like he regressed mentally to his freshman year when he could dunked with an explosion.
Definitely lost that ability…

Same reason a 80% free throw shooter misses 2 out of 3 free throws with 1.1 seconds to go and team down 2. New Mexico State vs Auburn