Bailey, Chaney, Cylla - Virtually Nada

I’m wondering if that was Bailey’s worst game this season. Moreso, how can we manage going on the road in the SEC without functioning bigs? I sure am struggling with our talent inventory and peeved that we landed here; I guess I’m glad I’m not the coach…

And goodness…how do we keep on winning.

Had a bad game. It happens and will happen again. This is who we are. No free agents available

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We closed out the game with 5 guards on the floor. Worked pretty good.

I feel your pain, getting nothing inside is going to a major problems against teams like LSU Auburn and Kentucky who are going to overwhelm us inside.just enjoy the wins that we get. There are going to be some games that are going to be ugly and it might start Wednesday at LSU. I love this teams passion though.

I suppose it’s a matter of perspective but when I lived in south Louisiana for 11 years, I would attend the Hog games at Maravich and remember being down by 40. That’s not this team. I think LSU will struggle with the Hog defense on Wednesday. What we do know is that the Hogs will be very prepared to face the tiggers.

Nebo was simply pushing Bailey around. Bailey is a very good athlete with great timing on his jumps, but he just doesn’t have the strength that most big men have. Chaney is the strong one and he also had a rough game last night. I won’t say this will be a problem because Musselman found a way to negate the height and strength concerns in the Indiana and A&M game, but it is something that will be exploited by teams like Alabama and Kentucky.

I’m telling you guys, we will get no justice at LSU. Charges won’t be called and they’ll smack our players all night and get nothing called on them. They’ll play like thugs and get rewarded for it. Like I said last night, if we keep our composure and take the 3 ball away, we can beat LSU.

The refs usually hose us at Maravich. I was at the game when Mike Jones hit a three-pointer that would have won the game. In spite of it clearly being a three, the refs reviewed and called it a two. The tiggers won in overtime.

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If we are cold from the three line, those teams will pound us. If we get hot at the right time, we win against any of them. Hopefully, the cold at the wrong time from the three doesn’t happen too often. If we get the wrong player injured, we will struggle a lot.

We will have to have a great night from the three-point range to stay in the game because they have some grown men inside. We will have to do a great job of keeping them off the glass and putting the ball back in.

LSU isn’t as dominant as everyone thinks they are! Waters made them go last year. They will get a lot of calls and we won’t get the 50/50 whistle and mugging will be allowed like last year. The difference will come down to TO’s. The free throw line won’t be a big factor for us because we won’t get to the strip.
LSU may go to the line 30 times to our 12. That’s my guess. The hogs just need to be solid on defense and maintain their composure. The 3 ball will be the difference in the game.
Joe and Jones May need to score 40.
Sills and Whitt will need to make shots too! Anything we get from Adrio will be a bonus and I hope he has a career night against LSU.
Hogs by 15!


Muss really wants these guys to play solid D without fouling, except as necessary to prevent easy buckets. Bailey got in foul trouble & had to come out, and Chaney gets whistled very quickly almost every time he comes into any game.

Once the 5 guard group showed they could get the job done… there was no need to put Bailey or Chaney back in and upset the flow.

Bailey came out for a while with what looked like an ankle injury and may not have been at full speed after that. Hope he’s okay by Wednesday.

Chaney had 3 turnovers in about 2 minutes. His confidence is shaken. He wasn’t given a chance to get into the rhythm of the game last night. I still believe he will come around. Bailey is a gamer. Defense is carrying us this season and will continue to do so. Need to stop Mays on Wednesday night and we come out of Baton Rouge with a win.