Badgers’ Whitten embraces contact

Hard Hittin Donovan Whitten!

As I posted in another thread yesterday, I watch the streaming video of his games (I’m an Arkadelphia grad). Kid has a big arm, and I would describe him as a KJ type runner; he’s not super fast but nobody wants to tackle him in the secondary, and he’ll definitely truck people.

His record as the starting QB is 19-4, and their nonconference schedule is always bigger schools; this year they beat three 5A schools. Shiloh knocked them out of the playoffs last year in a 57-54 shootout in Springdale.

Probably more AJ(Derby) than KJ, but he sounds like a football player. Get him on the hill and the right position will eventually find him.

I remember watching him play LB as a sophomore. Defense is pretty optional in Arkansas high school football (same is true in NC from the scores I saw this year for the four local schools) but he’d hit people.

Yeah these spread Offenses are exposing slow footed Defenses. I saw a high school game earlier this year that ended up 82-36 despite a running clock for the entire second half.

Arkadelphia is averaging 46 points a game and has mercy-ruled its last seven opponents. They had to score on the last play of the game and make a 2-point conversion to beat Hot Springs in week 2; since then they’ve destroyed everyone. Whitten has played very little or not at all in the second half since the Hot Springs game.

When I was a junior at AHS we reached the state finals and had a damn good team led by future Hog signee Trent Bryant. The most points we scored in a game was 31, and we won a playoff game 7-6. Boy have times changed.

My sophomore year in 74, we won the final game of our season 3-2! Coach Gas would have been aghast at our Power I, three yards and a cloud of dust Offense.


We also had a 0-0 tie in '76, but it was cold, raining and the field was a swamp. Nobody on either team could hang on to the ball or stay upright in the mud. Four weeks later we played the state championship game on the same field; it was still a swamp and the final score was 13-7.

Our coach btw, was a former Gurden Go Devil and Henderson Reddie. I assume these were the roots of his ball control, field position Offense. I attended the 64 Battle of the Ravine. A very boring game that ended 6-6.

Probably. We had run the same slot-I offense as Henderson and Ouachita for years, then we hired a new coach from Camden who borrowed the Veer, which JFB was running at UA and Holtz continued.

We didn’t throw much (with Trent in the backfield we didn’t have to) but the night we scored 31 I remember we passed for like 175 yards, which was huge for Arkansas in that era. Our QB wound up signing with Memphis to play tight end, but got a bad case of can’t-leave-my-girlfriend disease and never enrolled at Tiger High. He played for Henderson instead.

Arkadelphia makes tough kids. Sounds like Whitten is just that.

you’d think they’d put him in the QB room!

With a situation like we have now, they just might.

Update: In the first half tonight of second round playoff game with Ozark, Whitten threw FIVE touchdown passes. Score is 38-7 at the half. If Ozark hadn’t returned a kickoff for a touchdown, it would already be mercy rule.

Whitten played long enough in the second half to get to the mercy rule but did not throw another TD pass. Arkadelphia won 52-21.

He keeps this up, some D1 Schools will definitely offer this kid. Wouldn’t be surprised, if he ends up having a great college career and maybe get to the pros.