Bad Uni Bears get a walkoff win

MoState stays alive in the Oxford Regional with a 9-8 win over Saint Louis and will play the late game tonight against the Rebneck-Tennessee Tech loser.

That could be a LATE one

Scheduled to start at 8 p.m. but could go a lot later.

It will be a long day in Oxford!

Any day in Mississippi is a long one if you aren’t leaving…

What have you got against their unis? The only ones I remember were the camos.

Other than they’re ugly? Nothing. And it’s not just the camos. There’s this dose of ugly too:

But yeah, this is really hideous:

Is that anthracite aka anthrax? That is bad as most anthracite unis are. Not a big fan of Indiana’s all reds either.

Anthracite with a bear head on it. Kinda like if we put an 18-inch-high front facing Hog on our unis.