Bad Uni Bears down 4-0 to Tennessee Tech in the 5th

MSU pitcher has had three wild pitches this inning.

Meanwhile Georgia has turned into a slugging team. Ball is flying out of Foley Field against the Campbell Fighting Camels (little known fact: the Campbell field is the temporary home of the Astros’ short-season Class A minor league team until a new stadium is completed in the other Fayetteville, the one in North Carolina). Dawgs up 13-5 with four homers on the day.

Bears scored four in the 6th and it’s now tied.

i been watching the Tenn tech to check them out.they have some good hitters big swings I can see why they hit HR’s especially when they don’t see elite pitching.

And have a smallish ballpark with the wind blowing out. But they do take some rips.

yeah no doubt you don’t put up those #'s without some some favorable variables

TenTech now up 6-4 in the 8th. Only one dinger for those six runs.

I just really dislike Missouri State for some reason. Happy to see them lose!!


wow the bears choked that one away amazes me why pitchers have a trouble throwing to interesting to see how OM does against St Louis who has 3 pitchers with 9+ wins and incredible stats…

Reminder of why I call them the Bad Uni Bears: