Bad start for pitching

The bullpen does not look strong right now. Evan Lee gave up two home runs in the first inning and Louisiana Tech beat up Dominic Taccolini in the second inning. This is like watching the Razorbacks last year.

Louisiana Tech is a good team - the Bulldogs won 42 games and made the NCAA Tournament last year, have lots of upperclassmen and NCAA’s longest home win streak - but Arkansas is going to face better competition down the line. The Razorbacks’ prospects don’t look too good unless something changes on the mound. Josh Alberius threw well yesterday, but other than that the pitching has not looked good the last five games.

This is tough to listen to. It’s early, but things look pretty bleak right now. With so many new pitchers and the new coach, I was pretty optimistic, but oof. I don’t now if can take another year like last year.

The bullpen was not very good against Bryant either. I agree it is starting to look like last year. Might even be worse.
Arizona is going to feast on this pitching if they get past Blaine Knight on Friday.

Hey, a touchdown and conversion and we’re right back in this game.

Just a safety now. Arkansas scored five in the fifth to pull within 10-8. Jake Arledge had an RBI single, Grant Koch hit a 3-run home run and Jax Biggers hit a solo home run in the inning.

While the pitching looks similar to last season, the offense looks much better. It’s a pretty strong lineup.

So glad they came back. I walked the dog six miles listening to the game and trying to calm down. I felt like Frank Broyles when he had to leave the games and walk home. I guess if we can outscore them, it will be fun. I think we might see a new guy in the regular line up soon.

My wife and I are going on a ski trip in a couple of weeks, so we went shopping for some ski clothes once she got off work today. I caught the game in bits and pieces as I drove between a few different stores. A comeback sounds exciting on the radio, especially when the team coming from behind has some fans in the stands.