Bad press

I live in Austin and here’s one of the local sportswriter’s take on today’s game against the Ags: Q: why has Texas A&M owned Arkansas in recent years? A: “Superior talent, especially at quarterback, has led to total domination of the Razorbacks, who are fast becoming the most irrelevant power five program in college football aside from the Vanderbilts and Kansases.” —Kirk Bohls

Opinion or not the reputation has been earned. No SEC wins in 2 seasons. 0-7 against the Ags.

Going back to the collapses against Mizzou and Va Tech in 2016 we’ve been one of the biggest laughingstocks in all of college football. I think we could all accept it a bit better if there was improvement and signs of hope.

Sad, but Kirk’s comments deserved and well earned.

In the words of Bill Parcells, “ You are what your record says you are “.

ESPN Gameday just said we may be “just what the doctor ordered” for the struggling Aggies.

We suck mightily. An embarrassment. We get what we deserve. Hope for improvement in some facets. But that’s about it to look forward to.

I thought ‘fast becoming’ was nice on his part.

Of course he is pretending everything is legit in college football.

Yes, but we’re not too many seasons removed from when we embarrassed the Horns—something I’ve relished here in the land of burnt orange. No mas.

It’s one thing to play second fiddle and a whole other to not even getting on the bus. Im hoping there’s still a seat.

Change the narrative today! Anybody can be beaten on any given day.

I live in Austin as well. Zero respect for Arkansas in this area for many years. Matches national perceptions but hard hearing it from Longhorns.

This isn’t basketball.

Thank the sporting gods for Hog baseball…

Someone remind me where Austin is located?

Depends on where you live in TX. Longhorns believe it’s the center of the universe.

I guess you can call it domination since the Aggie have won 7 in a row.

But considering that six of those games have been decided by 7 points or less and three have gone into overtime, I would have probably gone with a different word.