bad premonition

but based on current playing it was an expected outcome to me as I suggested earlier in the Sellout thread:

I’m really, really impressed with Wade as a coach and how he has them turned around and seemingly on a quick trip to the top. Wade is high quality and likeable even as a Tigger coach. Next years recruiting class with this year’s almost Trae Young makes them a power to be for sure. Id be very afraid they could take home a victory. Great matchup in my mind.

Im a Saints fan and generally as negative as can be about LSU, but read this thread off a Saints board and I’ll say it seems really accurate: … p?t=372313

Hot will run out and we may find our mojo again, but we have not played the way we as fans have imagined they are capable for a while. I think Wade is the star hire that LSU needed. REALLY impressed with his interviews and I even listen when he is on WWL and I am trying to catch Saints conversation. The next Chris Jackson has been found and I hope he finds his way to NBA soon.

I caught this game with about 10 minutes left in first half and never sensed we were in the game. We were something like 2/19 when I started watching, did we just suck or was LSU that good tonight?

The game is basketball, and when you can’t even make open shots, you will lose badly. I didn’t see LSU doing anything remarkable defensively. The primary problem we have, other than simply not making shots, is a lack of a frontcourt. We don’t have any men defending the basket and taking the ball to the the hole like Patrick Ewing. Gafford needs to go to a big men’s camp this summer and really develop his skills. There is no way he is NBA ready.

They stayed in front of our guards and limited their drives. Just fundamental plain old defense. We overplay leaving clear lanes to the basket. When help comes weakside is slow to get over therefore easy assist for opponent. Limit barford and Macon and you rout us. Look at how much we lost by to North Carolina, Houston auburn and now LSU. Routs