Bad News

I’ll say this –

I’d rather see a robot behind the plate than Perry Costello at any big Hog baseball game.


agree agree agree


The point is the human factor in BB and sports in general is ruining the sport. Guess nobody heard Chuck and the Halftime show discuss this very topic. It was stated that the players union would never allow it. (Phil)

To put it simply Chuck was discussed with it…

I would rather see a dancing circus bear than Perry Costello


If baseball is gonna define a “strike zone”, then this move is a great one. We have basically operated with a “defined” strike zone, unless…you know…the ump feels differently. Then just go with whatever he says for that inning.

I think the players union wants the game called right. The UMPIRES union might care, but it’s not going to eliminate any jobs. They’ll still have four umps on the field, same as always, One of them just won’t have to call balls and strikes.

I’ve read where some umpires tell players ‘this is my strike zone’. A uniformed strike zone is needed. At some point an umpire will call a borderline pitch a strike if the batter is complaining too much!!

Some time ago, there was a renowned MLB Ump living in the Denver area. He was asked about the strike zone. He said over the plate, knees to letters, but they can’t hit those letters pitch so I lower it to just above the belt line. I thought “What?” Your job is to call according to the rules, not what you think it should be. Bring it up to the rules committee and make the change there. These guys are not Gods even though they seem to often think they are.


This is not going to work, leaves little we have to bitch about.

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The B / S robot is a “Hitter’s Robot”. :sunglasses:

Marty it took me a while to read the thread but you have made the best comment about an umpire I have ever heard. DVHight have already won the last game in Omaha if that idiot wouldn’t have been behind the plate.

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Plenty to complain about. There always is.

Actually, @mdw made the comment. I just agreed with it!

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This is one of the many reasons it is needed.

I’m not necessarily against an automated strike zone. It’s always frustrating watching how the zone changed from one HPU to the other.
I do, however, have some questions:
• how will the automated zone be setup! Strictly by the black edges of hp? Our some leeway on either side of hp?
• I’m sure the HPU will still have to call pass balls, HBP, WP, actually everything except balls and strikes.
• if the strike zone is based on certain parameters, such as at the knees up to the letters, (or just above the belt), will the robot be able to adjust to different batters?

My guess is it will be set by the rulebook, which will frustrate people who are used to strike zones that are nowhere near the rulebook. Perhaps the rulebook zone will be adjusted as a result. The robot will adjust to batters’ stances just as the current K zone on telecasts adjusts to Jose Altuvé vs. Aaron Judge.

Umps will make every call they make now except balls and strikes – swing or not, HBP, foul tips, fair or foul on bunts, out or safe at home, whether the catcher caught a foul tip for strike 3, etc. Passed ball/wild pitch has never been an umpire call; that’s the official scorer in the press box.

Yeah they we’ll have to differentiate because of the height of different batters. It is going to be called by trackman but how it’s set up I’m not real sure. I’m like Jeff I would assume it’s going to be by the rule book but somehow some way they’re going to have to vary it according to the height of each hitter.

Dave Van Horn told me the replay has given him years on his life. Reduced arguments to very few. He asks for a replay and does not have to argue.

I don’t like the arguments. I want them to get it right. Replay and automated strike zone will get it right and save the arguments and fines for player and manager ejections. That’s a good thing.

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I can only imagine how the Perry Costello CWS game vs South Carolina might have changed with an automated strike zone.


I’m amazed it took this long to use it. I see nothing but good out of using this technology.