Bad News

Baseball is dying. Almost a dead man walking. This just makes me sick! Technology is killing the world. I wish I could convey just how I feel. This is a guy that has a Baseball Field named after him. The blood sweet and years for 5 years building a complex for our community–15 BB fields. And eventually causing me a divorce. Mercy sad IMO

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I am surprised they’re trying it in triple A but I’ll be shocked if it ever makes it to stay in the Majors…

If they’re trying it in Triple A, it will be in the bigs in a couple of years. They’re not going to get to this point and stop.

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We will see how it goes… I have seen the umpiring go downhill for a while so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised…

I wonder who’s going to be in charge of calling the outs at home plate… somebody’s got to rotate down to do that

Oh there will be a home plate ump. He just won’t call balls and strikes

The desire to get every call right will make it happen. I was thinking this would happen a few years ago. I probably wasn’t thinking this soon but sometime down the road.

Not sure if I will like or not but I guess we’ll see.

At least it will be consistent. Baseball will survive.


Oh ok… that will be a weird deal.

Yup, and I don’t have as much a problem w this as other changes, like the clock, relief pitching rules, shift rule, etc, etc. I can see some hitting records being challenged, imagine great hitters who always have the same strike zone


He’ll be just another base umpire. basically. Out and safe, foul and fair. But not balls and strikes.

It says they’re going to use trackman to track the pitch and umpire who will have an earpiece will be notified if was ball or strike then the umpire will say if it’s a ball or strike.

Yeah I guess somebody has to announce it. And the home ump will still have to call foul tips, whether the catcher caught it in the air, whether the batter swung or held up, stuff like that.


I have no problem with this

A likely improvement


The main reason I dislike this is because it steals a fundamental skill away from a player. A catcher that can steal a strike here or there is worth their weight. Now they will basically be relegated to just a ball stop. I do not mind changes that enhance the game… go for it, but a change that removes a skill from a position player… don’t like it.

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It’s a game, and where will those Manager & Home Plate Ump confrontations going to be? Here is some good reading

And soon to be this
The new replay rule has all but eliminated the manager/umpire confrontation in baseball.

And many believe that has eliminated a key element of the game.

“I miss some of that, it was a part of the game,” Padres manager Bud Black admitted recently.

But the replay rule has changed that dynamic.

Managers and umpires no longer get into nose-to-nose shouting matches over disputed calls.

Instead, the manager slowly walks onto the field after a disputed call as his own video staff quickly reviews the re-runs to see if the call should be challenged.

Rather than getting into a face-off with the umpire, the manager will take a position alongside the umpire while awaiting the go/no-go signal from the dugout on the call.

If the call was correct, the manager simply walks back to the bench.

“I’ve told the umpires ‘nice call’ when they’ve gotten it right on a close play,” said Black.

If the call is challenged, the manager asks for a review and, again, heads back to the dugout. Reviewing umpires in New York are going to make the call. There is little left to argue.

“There is no need to argue or debate,” said Black. “We wait for the replay to make the call right.”

Be sure and watch, Don Zimmerman – priceless

BB and sports is for entertainment! And these interactions are for just that.

Arguing balls and strikes has been an automatic ejection for a while now, and that’s the only duty the HPU is losing. So those arguments that entertain you haven’t been there for years.

Ya right!

Watching the baseball playoffs last year and seeing the balls and strike calls that were made different than the superimposed strike zone showed, the games could have easily gone in a different direction. 1 and 2 count is a whole lot different from a 2 and 1 count.

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It can definitely change a game no doubt about it.