Bad news

Mario Goodrich is done with recruiting and won’t visit Arkansas. Taking him off the list.

Suspect Clemson told him they needed an answer and he had to tell them he was coming.

That’s a real blow to gut. At least if he were visiting, the Hogs would have a chance. Hard to play against the big boys.

Not surprising… always felt he was a long shot at best. Going to have to evaluate 3 Star types very well and win enough games to be come relevant. This rebuild out of the cellar will take time and require the patience of fans.

I didn’t think he qualified academically for the SEC anyways?

You don’t go that hard after a guy that doesn’t have a chance to qualify. He’s on pace.

So, will they bring Alondras Strong in, or do you think we’re done at CB?

Will know soon.

As expected. Uphill battle vs hot program with recent NC

Rebuilds do take time but hog fans don’t have any patience! Never say the first year is a throw either. CBB was hounded about his overall record. I hope the fans can have some patience but unlikely.

It takes winning to improve recruiting.

Hey, you are catching on, Army Hog.