Bad news coming on Gafford injury?

Otis Kirk seems to be hinting on Twitter.

I knew it couldn’t possibly go all smooth for my Hogs in the off-season.

Not Gafford

Do you know who it is?

It’s a medical issue with Garland, not Gafford.

It’s my simple opinion it should have been kept under wraps because there is as of yet no solid facts to the seriousness of it.

It’s why it will not be reported on here until there is something concrete and not speculative.

ok well somebody please fill in the dots for us… since the issue has already been confirmed on here. so what we don’t have a specified medical diagnosis, but some folks clearly have knowledge about the type of issue. basketball related injury or non orthopaedic health issue?

There is a diagnosis for a health issue, it could end up being minor or major. It is being discussed on another Hog board right now. Supposedly Garland’s father gave permission for it to be discussed on there.

Any idea on when he’ll get his exam? And when they play to clear him for play.

Only thing being said is he and Dave England are supposed to be going to Minnesota soon, and that is when they find out more about it. I’m assuming that is what Dudley and Richard are waiting for before they say what the problem is and whether or not he is good to go.

I am not sure if people realize this, but without Garlan, Hogs will be left with just four guards, Barford, Macon, Beard and Jones. That is a serious depth issue, especially for a system that likes three guard lineups.

Darious Hall could play the 2 if needed.

So, are we going to be told what the issue is? In this thread was stated that it is being discussed on other boards. Well, I don’t go to other boards as a rule. :frowning:

Discussion is on Hogville boards if you feel like breaking your rule…

Per Hogville and sports reporter Kevin McPherson (who is a terrific follow at Arhoopscoop on Twitter). The rumor is it’s a heart murmur.

"Khalil’s family told me about a week ago. I’ve been sitting on it per their request, but now that’s it’s out on this free, public forum, the family has okayed me to confirm it at this time.

KG and Dave England are expected to travel to Minnesota (Mayo Clinic???) to have an MRI soon. He has been working out individually (mostly with Adrio and Jaylen Barford, I’m told) but not in official capacities as part of the NCAA-allowed stuff with the team. KG and family have been told he will probably end up fine to play, but Hogs not taking chances."

Yes, forgot about Hall. With some work, he can be the third guard.

Is Gafford attending team workouts? Have they evaluated Gafford’s injury?

I’d imagine they would go with a 2 guard 3 forward lineup kinda like we did when we had Qualls (They called Qualls a guard, but he was really a SF).

They would have Beard, Barford, Macon, and Jones at the first 2 guard spots. Then Bailey, Hall, and Osabuohien playing the 3 spot, which sometimes they still label as a guard, but it’s really a SF.

But, hopefully everything is alright with Garland, it would be a huge loss, I feel he’s going to have a big impact on this team. And basketball aside I know how it is waiting on some news that’s going to drastically affect your life, praying everything works out for him.

I’ve just got this gnawing feeling that Mike is going to really regret not putting Glasper on scholarship for next season. RJ was not your typical walk on.

Heart murmurs are not necessarily bad things, in athletes or anyone else. Often they’re a sign of a high level of cardiovascular fitness, rather than an indication of trouble. But you do need to find out. Which is probably the reason for the trip to Mayo. I’d be surprised if they’re getting an MRI though. The gold standard test to assess a murmur is an echocardiogram, and those can be done at any hospital without a trip to Minnesota. I often order two or three echos per day.

I was thinking this could be done in a Fayetteville hospital. That is why going to Mayo Clinic is concerning.

only go to Mayo for heart and even then it is a question as to why since he probably has an AR diagnosis of potential HOCM. Hank Gathers should immediately pop into memory. No clue except to understand that simple murmurs are not likely the issue, even an aortic stenosis murmur would be handled locally. Highest risk for athlete is HOCM, tachycardia kills and it is ever so hard to not get the heart pumping if an athlete. Ventricular thickening can happen from intense training and intense squeeze and could be a cause for death. Many ranges of symptamatology and accordingly many different risks. I would think that Mayo is to get a second opinion. Follow Nick Fairley who is facing differing opinions as to whether it is safe for him to continue to play football. Fairley’s disease has been known but is now apparently progressing. Sad for the kid, because it will now always be in the back of his mind. … etail.html