Bad luck and the O line

This has been a tough year. Everything that could complicate a good year has happened. Injuries to KJ, and unispired offensive line play at times have turned a good season into a diappointment. With KJ we win by at least 10.
Lets get to 6 and 6, get some extra practice, make it 7 and 6 and regroup for next year. Gutsy defense today. Im proud of them. WPS.


Defense played a great game. Three bad spots by the cheating officials helped LSU mightily.


I agree, the defense played a very good game today!


A quick slant on first down was open all game. But you gotta use it, instead of gaining a half yard in the A gap.

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Yep this is the only team in America that does not like to throw the ball over the middle absolutely blows my mind. I would love to see Sam asked about that and see what he says.

You watch Alabama play and every time they need critical yards 90% of the time it’s going to be on a slant over the middle and yet we do it about one time a game. Granted today we dropped it, but to not make that a very big part of your offense is absolutely ridiculous.
The 2019 LSU offense that set all the records under Joe Brady and Joe burrow threw 67% of their passes in between the hashes. Think about that.2/3 passes were in the middle so the receivers had room to run


I only remember one slant attempt to landers and it was tipped at the line

I didn’t see it tipped at the line look like it hit him right in his stomach and he dropped it. But either way you got to throw it 4-5 times a game one time is not going to do Jack squat

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I think you’re right Youda now that I think about it, I think he just dropped it. That was the only slant pass that I can remember

Yeah the ball was perfectly thrown, can’t possibly throw any better and had a little bit of room to run if I recall. Petrino threw the ball over the middle all the time to Adams, wright, Hamilton because you’re not going to stay with those guys running across the field very well and if you missed the tackle it’s a foot race even if they make the tackle you’ve got seven or eight yards minimum


Bama just scored on Ole Miss on a slant, one of their most favorite plays

It is mindboggling, either we have no confidence in our QB to do that live action for fear of a turnover or we are in a sad stubborn mindset. We started the wrong QB two weeks in a row. Liberty lost today to UConn.
This season is hanging by a thread, but our defense today gives me a ray of hope that we will play in a bowl game.

Incredible D coaching and performance today. Overcoming injuries etc. Shows what is possible if more talent and less injuries.

O had a tough injury or two but could not overcome.

O line being handled by Liberty was concerning, considering our HC claim to fame is dominating O line play. Seemed handled by LSU although LSU seems to usually have as much if not more talent.

To me, def positive to come back and play close to high ranked team when could have folded. Rooting for Coach to keep program going forward and major recruiting step ups and put some bad luck behind us.

Bad officiating with a big assist to to the Tigers.

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Often times when playing with an injured quarterback or backup, you see an offensive line step up and take the load on their shoulders. Does not appear our guys have recognized this type of pattern. Two weeks in a row we suffered offensively, with much of it influenced by the inabilities of our offensive line. The o-line was supposed the be the strength of the team and the strength of our head coach, so this is very concerning issue.

Its hard to run if you can’t pass.

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Bingo… but we don’t throw those middle passes because we can’t. Takes great timing with the QB and receiver, we just don’t have that most of the time.

This is probably the reason we don’t try them. We are limited and the opponents know that.

There was one that was tipped, so maybe there were two slants all damn game!

don’t necessarily need more talent, we have plenty. We are inches away from at least two additional wins with the talent we have. We competed super well with all the ranked teams we’ve played this year (including Liberty) and had reasonable chance to win each of those games. We do need less player ego to drive our offensive scheming decisions, as in whether to insert a certain player as a QB, WR, or leave him on the pine.

You talking about non-KJ games?